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(CN) - A dog food company claims in a $20 million lawsuit that its meat supplier provided it with beef containing horsemeat laced with euthanizing drugs, forcing a recall after a dog died. Evanger's Dog and Cat Food sued Wisconsin-based Bailey Farms LLC in Cook County, Ill., Circuit Court on Wednesday, seeking $20 million in punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages and attorney fees.

Her business, Caldicott Farms, specializes in horse meat for dog food.

What consumers want to know is which of their dog foods tested positive for equine DNA, and what the quantity of horse meat was found in their dog food. As Evanger’s appears to be unwilling to divulge that information, consumers at least deserve an explanation as to why they have chosen to keep information from the public.

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Feb 24, 2017 - Warning Horse Meat Found Pet Food. Evangers Dog Food plans to recall all pet foods with beef for concerns over Pentobarbital in the food. Oh….& how smart are the people feeding DRUGGED UP HORSE MEAT to their dogs. Dog food companies here will NOT put horsemeat in their foods for that exact reason, & well for fear of having their asses sued.

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If your dog food says "meat by-product meal,” as an ingredient then it could (legally) contain any number of meats and they wouldn't be required to tell you if one of them was horse meat. If you want to be really positive you are not getting horse meat you should choose a food that lists "chicken by-product meal” or some other such specific ingredient, in which case they are forbidden by law to have anything else. So, if the only meat used was from horses they would be required by law to label it as such.

Feb 21, 2013 - Horse meat was once a primary ingredient in pet food

Evanger’s and Against the Grain recalls all “chunk beef” dog food after it tests positive for horse meat and the deadly euthanasia drug pentobarbital. One pug is known to have died, and several other dogs got sick.I’m not sure what I would do about feeding a dog food that contained horse meat. It would bother me – I’ve been around horses quite a bit, and they are magnificent creatures… I’m not 100% sure where I stand, obviously! Thanks for making us think though.