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Thankfully, Sage doesn’t have any special allergies or dietary needs, so there’s really no reason for me to make her homemade dog treats other than the fact that I love her something fierce and needed a break from cookies for a minute. But conveniently, this homemade dog treats recipe makes a TON and we know lots of other neighbor-ly dogs who can and will appreciate a little gift bag of soft-baked, peanut butter and bacon glazed homemade dog treats.

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I am thinking of starting a business selling natural homemade dog treats. However, I am curious as to what type of preservatives are used in the healthy treats that sit on store shelves for extended periods of time. All of the homemade dog treat recipes that I found online were intended to be consumed within 1 week, unless they were kept frozen.

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Chef's Answer ~ There are several ways of extending the shelf life of homemade dog treats. For starters, I would recommend reviewing my tips and techniques on Something as simple as how the treats are stored after they have baked and cooled, can make a huge difference in their shelf life. Air, heat and light will shorten the freshness of even chemically preserved dog treats, not to mention the more natural dog treat recipes. Also, if you have recipes that you are able to bake longer, and remove excess moisture, that will definitely help them last longer and stay fresher.

There are many options when using preservatives to keep treats fresh. Some of the natural preservatives to choose from include vitamin C. You can also use tocopherols and tocotrienols, or the collective term for these two is vitamin E. You can also use citric acid (like those found in citrus fruits). There are several spices that can help preserve baked goods. These include cinnamon, sage, rosemary and cloves. Another option is to replace the sugar in your recipes with honey, since honey is a natural preservative. If the recipe calls for dairy you can replace it with it's dried equivalent. For example if you use milk, then replace it with powdered milk. You will have to experiment with the amounts and types of preservatives that will work best for you.

My last bit of advice is to make sure your customers are aware that you are providing a fresh baked dog treat. So, it is similar to any other fresh baked (people) treat, it must be bought fresh, bought often and stored properly. You could let your customers know they can refrigerate and freeze them once they are at home. I personally think that the delicacy of natural treats is one of their finest selling points.

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Find and save ideas about Dog cookie recipes on Pinterest. | See more about Easy homemade dog treats, Homemade dog biscuits and Diy dog treats. I'm Kelly Dixon from , and I'm here to share a quick and easy recipe for . They are so fun to make that my kids did all of the cookie cutting. So, get the family together and celebrate your dog with these fantastic homemade dog treats.

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1. Homemade Apple Chips for Dogs from This tasty dog treat recipe uses organic apples for an oh-so-crunchy treat canines will love.2. Peanut Butter with Apple Sauce Cookies for Dogs from The perfect proportions of peanut butter and apple sauce make for a moist, flavorful mouthful for mutts.3. Oat and Apple Pretzel Dog Treats from Just in time for German-American Month, these pup-pleasers are also palatable for pet parents: just add salt!4. Kale Apple Mint Dog Treat Recipe from These homemade dog biscuits do double duty to freshen thanks to the third ingredient, mint.5. Pumpkin Apple Dog Treat Recipe from ‘Tis the season for all thinks pumpkin! Let your pups in on the trend with these simple yet scrumptious homemade dog treats.6. Harvest Apple and Bacon Dog Treats from Another recipe from GD&C, these treats combine two of pups’ favorite things: apples and bacon.7. Frozen Apple Dog Ice Treats from Incredibly simple yet insanely tasty (to dogs), pet parents on the go can whip up these frozen dog treats in under 15 minutes.8. Apple Crunch Pupcakes from Perfect for fall b-days, make some apple crunch pupcakes for your next .

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