The Earthborn Holistic product line lists five dry dog foods

Gee this is easy, go with “Well Pet” Well Pet make Wellness, Holistic Select & Eagle Pack…Just be careful with fat% Shih Tzu can suffer from Pancreatitis, if the fat say 5% fat in wet tin food when converted to dry matter (kibble) 5% fat is around 22% fat if it were a kibble… you can email Wellness & they send you out all their recipe/flavours fat % converted… A lady from the Pancreatitis Canine Face Book group Emailed Wellness they emailed back converted fat%, we were a bit surprised some flavours said 3% fat but when converted were around 25% fat so it must depend on recipe.. her dog did very well on the Wellness & Holistic Select wet foods…

The Precise Holistic Complete product line includes six dry dog foods.

I’ve had my dog on this food for almost 5 years! Previous dog foods we tried, including other holistic blends, made him itchy and with some, an upset tummy. With this brand my little guy has a great coat and no food-related allergies as far as I can tell! I also really like the price when compared to other dog natural or holistic dog foods 🙂

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The Holistic Blend Grain Free product line includes two dry dog foods. Bob’s bulldogs, I have used some of the top dog foods and my english bulldogs have done great with this food. I do use supplements with the food and I am very happy with Grain Free holistic.. great job Holistic….

The Summit Holistic product line includes three dry dog foods

All this to try and grab a niche of the growing natural/holistic pet food market. It would easier to just make a new quality food instead of having a product line that is so diverse that the average person has no idea what they feed their dog. Some product lines are very specific such as formulas, for example let say a food for Adult

In picking a formula for a specific situation, I pick the brand, but I forget the "type" and look at protein, fat, calories, calcium levels, quality of minerals and are there trace minerals in a food. These are the deciding factors in my selection of a bag of food for a special use. So if we have a consultation and you have a medium breed that is too fat, I may suggest the Large/Giant Breed Puppy food 23/12 for your dog's weight issue, based on the protein/fat and calories versus the title on the bag.

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