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Holistic Blend Grain-Free Turkey & Salmon All Life Stages Dry Dog Food, 7-lb bag; Holistic Blend Grain-Free Turkey & Salmon All Life Stages Dry Dog Food is slow cooked at a low temperature to retain all of the nutritional benefits and taste your canine...

Holistic Blend Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.

■ holistic blend lamb & rice 3.63 Kg

Free-range meat New Zealand lamb,
High rate of absorption of chelated minerals, whole grain, fruits, antioxidant and put together.

Balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids prepares healthy skin and coat.

It is for all age dog food natural preservatives with Rosemary, better digestion with hypo-allergenic, high palatability.

-Balanced (ratio of 5-to-2) Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids
-Nutritious for reducing the amount of food

* No preservatives or food coloring to keep uniform dye is not used.
* There are parts with non-uniform color, but higher quality does not change the

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Head over  to register for your FREE Sample of Holistic Blend dog food! Jason M. Fatich says:
"We have an Aussie that is going on 8 and a minature Aussie that will be 3 and they love the food. The older dog was starting to develop some arthritis and the younger one was becoming a little overweight. My wife got a free sample and the dogs loved it so I began buying the holistic weight management blend. The results have been great. The weight has come off and the energy level has increased significantly. I tell everyone I run into about this food."

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"Roxy is totally in love with your Lean Holistic Blend dog food! She has always hated dog food and we have tried a bunch over the last 8 years. My husband is a really good cook and she is very spoiled! We are so happy that she loves it and she has no idea it's weight management, she's a bit puggy. Thank you so much." - Pam Herman

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