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I started looking for other dog food because I thought perhaps there might be a better option for my little guy. He currently is on hills prescription oral health t/d diet. After reading all these comments I think I will leave well enough alone. He is healthy, happy has good poops and we have never really had any issues with his health. We give him the odd treat now and then but it never interfere’s with his regular eating habits. Boy everyone sure does have an opinion on this blog. I feel kinda lucky that I’ve had no problems so I think I will just let it be.

The Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight product line includes two dry dog foods.

I wanted to check here for dog food recalls because twice lately my Shih Tzu had stomach cramping and diarrhea soon after eating the Hill’s Science Diet Adult beef and chicken. After an 45 minutes of walking around with her stopping every few feet to squat, she decided to come in the house. She stopped a few times not sure she wanted in. We only made it in the garage when she vomited twice. I check the UPC code and it is on the list. I wonder if she needs to go the vet? A few days ago this same thing happened. At the time I didn’t relate it to the dog food. Both times it was less than an hour that she got sick.

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Hill’s Science Diet Grain Free Dog Food earns the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of 3 stars. I fed my dog Hill’s Science Diet products because the Vet told me it was the best dog food for her. That was lie she died at 12years old and I know now it was the poison i was giving her . I can’t tell you how terrible I feel I wish could back and change things but I cant other than to tell people if you love your pet DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG SCIENCE DIET IT WILL KILL THEM.
I look back on my dogs medical problems and I believe it was all food related I dont understand how a Vet can recommend this crap

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Hello, I have a five years old Maltese. he has been excessively licking his paws. the vet said it could be food allergy and he recommended Hill’s Prescription Diet Potato & Salmon Formula dry food. I started mixing it with the old food to avoid complications. it’s been a week now and I’ve noticed my dog is not pooping as often and his poop is lumpy. what should I do? it looks like an early sign of constipation. paw licking seems to be the same.

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of chicken meal as its main source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 3.5 stars. Select dog or cat and discover the benefits of Hill's® Prescription Diet® therapeutic pet foods — formulated for most of your pet's life care needs.