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My question is does anyone have an idea on how to disguise his crate to make that area more appealing to the eye? Buying a furniture-style crate is out of the question, and down-sizing is also not an option for him. Short of throwing a sheet over it, which to me only says "Hey, I'm hiding an ugly dog crate under here!", I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be lovely! By the way, moving the crate to another place in the house is not an option as we live in a wet and in the winter snowy climate and he needs to be able to get from door to crate without stepping a paw on carpet. Thanks!

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Wood pet furniture is a great way to provide dogs with their own favorite place to relax during family time. The wooden dog crate allows gives pet owners a way to decorate their apartment or house in a stylish and unique way. So throw out the intrusive, ugly metal dog cages that don't match the furniture and is hard to hide when guests arrive. It's time for a wooden dog crate.

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These dog crates are cleverly hidden or built-in to furniture to give your fur pal a place to call home. Instead of trying to hide the dog crate or kennel, turn it into furniture. This one serves as a side table, placed between two armchairs in what seems to be a reading corner or simply a comfy lounge area.

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This type of wood pet furniture has a hide-away storage compartment at below the table's surface. Inside the dog has plenty of space to lounge around. The crate fits perfectly at the end of a couch or chair just in case the dog wants to watch television too. The wood pet furniture comes in medium and large sizes.

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