AKOMA Dog Products Hound Warmer 12-volt Heating Pad

I won received one of these heated mats in an auction, for my lil old arthritic dysplastic adopted senior.


It's damp and cool today and I fired up that electric mat. Within 20 minutes it was slightly warm and its intended user, Oliver, was sitting with his butt on the warm spot and his front feet on the carpet.

Now he is lying on it (now that it's warm all over). He knew immediately that it was for him, or the non-arthritic dogs just weren't interested; I don't know. But he is in heaven. He has gone from butt-sit to lying like a starfish to lying with hips on and head off.

I'm going to have to post to the board, but I will wait until tonight so I can watch his movements, etc., and see if there is also visible increased flexibility.

But whether it does improve his flexibility or not, it has made him a very happy comfy dog.

He uses it just the way a human would use a heating pad!

Sometimes one hip is on the heat, sometimes the other, sometimes his upper body is on the carpet and his hips on the heat......

I could almost cry that I didn't have this for all the seniors with OA I have ever had!

You’d think no vets would use electric heating pads anymore considering how many dogs were burned.

Waterproof– If you are getting a mat for an outdoor pet, you will most likely want a mat that is waterproof because of the different types of elements the mat may be exposed to. If your pet is prone to accidents you will also most likely want to look for a waterproof pad.
Anti-Bite Features– If you have a dog or cat who loves to chew and destroy whatever they can sink their teeth into, you will obviously want to ensure that you get a product that is able to stand up to whatever your pet may put it through. There are a few different products that claim to have an anti-chew features, but if you have a pet who is a real shredder, you may want to avoid electric mats altogether and have a look at the self-heating mats.

PetSafe Heated Pet Pad for Small Dog

Investigators said it started because of a heating pad in a backyard dog house. I love my pet and I want to treat him to a happy Thanksgiving season, that is why I created this pad for him. With guests coming and going for big feast, it means a lot of cold air will enter the house as the door opens and closes. This heating pad will help keep Cooper warm. I also picked up some for him while I was at the store. These included PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Original Flavor Treats for Small/Medium Dogs, 10 count and PEDIGREE Marrobone Mini Beef Flavor Dog Snacks, 15 oz.

Heated Dog Beds: Dog Heating Pads & Self Heated Dog Beds | Petco

Double the fleece over to make the top of the heating pad measuring approximately 32″ x 27″.
Lay the top layer out flat and arrange the heat packs on top. The heating packs were laid out in three rows of four, so I cut out three 32″ x 11″ strips of contrasting fleece.
Fold over just over an inch of the top of each fleece strip and sew it down along the outside edges. This forms a lip in the top of the pocket strips to help hold the heat packs in place.
Use straight pins to pin the pocket strips in place on the underside of the pad.
Sew the pocket strips in place along the sides and bottom of the pad.
With the bottom side up, lay out the rows of heat packs. Mark vertical sewing lines between the heat packs.
Stitch along the marked lines, making sure to catch the folded under top edge of each pocket strip.
The heating pad is complete.
Heat the pads according to directions and place in each pocket of the pad.
Turn in over and lay it out for your dog to enjoy.
We always joke that our dog isn’t very bright, but he sat on the pad right away as if he knew it was his. This nice behavior need to be rewarded!

Sunbeam Heating Pet Pad | dog Mat & Crate Covers | PetSmart