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Halo has long been a well-respected pet food manufacturer and has been providing wholesome nutrition to dogs and cats for over thirty years. Many dog food brands have been popular for much longer than thirty years, and Halo may be deemed ‘too new’ for many to try. However, the Halo brand has established a strong customer and client base of happy canines and their families. Despite being ‘new’ and having such competition, Halo remains at the top of the review lists for quality dog food.

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Halo dry food gets good reviews. No gluten, corn or wheat. It is a first choice for many pet owners. And, some owners have stated that the Halo dog food cured gastrointestinal problems their pets had. The consensus is that the quality of the ingredients is what makes the food an excellent product.

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From the wide product range of Halo, I have presented top 10 Halo dog food reviews for you-​ I have been feeding my 3 resuce dogs a mix of Halo canned and dry food for 1.5 years now. Previously, I fed them Science Diet, but two of my dogs had terrible allergies, so I tried Halo. The dogs love the taste, and the allergies have vanished. While it is expensive, I imagine in the long run I will save money on vet bills b/c the dog’s nutritional health will prevent health problems in later years.

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Most customer reviews about Halo dog food formulas are positive. In fact, Halo dog food is often one of the first-choice formulas chosen by many dog owners. Some people report that their dog’s gastrointestinal problems (such as vomiting and diarrhea) vanished after being switched to Halo dog food. Many dog owners also cite the quality of the ingredients as a positive factor. The two complaints that dog owners had about Halo are the expense and the fact that a lot of the protein comes from pea fiber and not from meat.

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Halo’s Vegan Garden Medley for dogs was featured on with more than 169K followers! The VegNews social team exclaimed in their post to their 169K followers, “For our beloved canine companions…vegan food from @halopets…We’re buying it by the case for our pooch pals.” VegNews is an award-winning vegan magazine and website packed with recipes, travel, news, food, reviews, etc. The Halo company markets itself as a holistic brand of pet food so all of their recipes are made with fresh, natural ingredients of the highest quality. When it comes to their nutritional philosophy, they believe that whole-body health and wellness starts with quality nutrition. Their products are all made with whole meats which is definitely a good thing, though it is somewhat strange that the company has a vendetta against meat meals (these are simply fresh meats that have been cooked to remove moisture). For the most part, however, a review of Halo’s dog food products reveals the use of quality ingredients in complete and balanced formulas.