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I bet your dog has an allergic reaction to chicken and all poultry. Look at the first ingredients and then some. I finally switched to a lamb base, grain free dry food. No poultry at all. Good luck,

Would this dry dog food be good for my 3 and 9 month old dobermans, I’m currently feeding them nutro ultra. What would be better

I am about to get a small goldendoodle. I am looking for a good dry puppy food. We have been feeding our two other dogs Blue Buffalo, and I want to see if that should be okay for our new baby.

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royal canin is a very expensive, Average dry dog food. look at the ingredients people…. if alot of corn, rice , etc….NOT GOOD Hi all,
I am from the UK so I appreciate that not all of the food stuffs mentioned will be available easily over here but I was just looking for some tips on caring for my dog really. We have had a bit of a nightmare with him (Smithy – a New Zealand Huntaway) and food/allergies.
About two years ago he developed really itchy, red painful looking skin which he wouldn’t stop scratching and biting at. He also gave off a not very pleasant smell (from his skin). We took him to the vet and they said it was an allergy to something. We spent a fortune on blood tests, skin scrapes, steroids, antibiotics etc all to no avail. The steroids would clear him up for the time he was on them, but as soon as he finished the course it would come back. The vet said all the tests were non-conclusive……
Eventually we changed vets. The new vet took one look at him and said it was a yeast infection. She explained that his body produced way too much yeast and that this was as a result of his food.
She prescribed a hypoallergenic food and said she believes he is intolerant to wheat and gluten. She also provided tablets which block the signals in the brain so he doesn’t scratch and lick.
He has only been on this medication and food for about 4 days but already the change in him is huge!! He is much happier and much more relaxed. His skin has lost all the redness and he has stopped scratching and licking it.
However, his skin is still very flaky and dry. I wonder if it would be appropriate to buy some coconut oil and massage this into his skin before washing off with his shampoo? I am just looking for advice really on getting his coat back to its normal thick shiny state. He is bald in several spots so I am looking for tips on encouraging hair growth etc especially with winter coming! Also, the hair he does have is quite dry and brittle.
Any advice would be much appreciated!!
PS – Any tips on treats would be good too…. given that he is on a hypoallergenic diet and has allergies to wheat and gluten what types of treat would be appropriate? Can he still have animal bones?

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I have a 3 year old malti-zu and she weighs 4 pounds and I have a 13 year old Maltese who weighs 4 pounds, he use to weigh 5 ponds but has dropped a pound but my vet said he healthy and he is fine with that weight but he also said if he gained a pound that would be good too, I’ve been feeding them Wellness dry grain food and was wanting to try Fromm. Has anybody had a good response with this for little dogs?
Thank you,

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