with natural ingredients such as vegetable glycerin and molasses.

i know the "secret" in soft dog treats is vegetable glycerine. Has anybody had ny experiance using it in making dog treats before? (Using food/medical safe VG).

Change in formula: Notice the addition of vegetable glycerin. Air Dried Beef Dog Food

There are tests to determine if methanol is left behind in the biodiesel process. I know because I make biodiesel. The test is performed with a headspace GC. Anyone telling you anything else is a liar. Secondly it is highly unlikely any methanol remains behind after baking the dog treats. Methanol is more volatile than ethanol.
There is absolutely no reason why the glycerol isn’t being tested for methanol especially for food use. It is easily driven off with heat and vacuum.

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YES. even worse for dogs, foods with a high glycemic index can lead to diabetes much quicker than in humans. Glycerin in food products generally is nontoxic. Food grade glycerin is made from vegetable oils such as palm oil and vegetable oil. Eating large amounts of vegetable glycerin can cause some stomach upset, but the small amount of glycerin in dog treats is very unlikely to cause the serious illnesses that we have been seeing....or is it?

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I think it is conceivably possible that some of the glycerin that is being shipped to Yantai Aska Foods and is incorporated into chicken, beef and duck jerky treats is actually not food grade, but industrial grade glycerin. If this was the case, then how would it cause dogs to get sick?

Is Glycerin the Toxin in Chicken Jerky Treats? Jatropha toxicity.

For a dog that is experiencing acute constipation and is showing no other symptoms, there are a number of options for relief, in addition toglycerin suppositories. Many pet owners find that plain, canned pumpkinis extremely beneficial in relieving constipation. Pumpkin is high in fiber and dogs generally enjoy the taste, making it easy to feed. Be sure to avoid pumpkin with added spices, salt or preservatives. A teaspoon with food can be added daily for a long-term plan. For acute constipation, feed 1 to 2 teaspoons, 2 to 3 times per day until results are seen. Some natural and organic dog foods can be purchased to assist with digestion and lack of fiber. Food brands containing omega-3s, probiotics and added fiber are recommended. Carefully to be sure the first ingredient is protein-based and not made of grains or corn products. For more severe cases of constipation, dogs canbe given a stool softener, such as lactulose. Herbal remedies and formulas created especially for pets may also be beneficial. Since theseare made with natural ingredients, they can often be combined with other treatment options for best results.Teddy’s Goodies DO NOT use glycerine or thickeners of any kind! Our treats are pure food! No hormones, steroids or antibiotics, either! While we see others that add glycerine (like Earth Animal, btw), which increases the weight of end product that you get from each pound of chicken or beef, doesn’t that negate what you are trying to achieve? My Teddy has never, ever been sickened, nor any other dog, from our treats. We may not get as much end product, or profits, per pound, but we are proud of what we deliver!