I figured out the best way to get hair off of a couch in ..

These methods are targeted for any piece of furniture you have that seems to be a hair-magnet for your dog's fur: couch, chair, bed, etc. Let's take a quick look at every one of these tools that can potentially help you keep your dog somewhat shed-free, and remove dog hair off furniture with more ease and efficiency.

How to Get Dog Hair Off of the Couch. Dog hair accumulates on furniture pieces such as a couch, even if you do not let the dog sleep or lay on the sofa.

By I had a couch like this and the only way to get the hair off is with a wet cloth. I never did try a rubber glove. That may work better. I got rid of the couch because I could not stand seeing the color uneven. I guess it helped that the couch was the same color as the dogs so the hair was not that obvious. Good luck! (09/09/2007)

This couch has never EVER been this clean and so free of dog hair.

House Hack: How to get the dog hair off your couch We all love our pets being able to cozy up with us on the couch This reusable silicone sleeve worked like a charm for getting the dog hair off the couch. I am so impressed with how easily the dog hair lifted right up and on to the Bump It Off. I used both sides of the Bump It Off silicone brush on the couch and I think the larger bumps are better at gathering the hair quickly. Just a few swipes of the cleaning brush and look at all that hair!

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A window washing squeegee is yet another effective method for getting dog hair off furniture. It’s an unusual method, considering that one never really plans to take that piece of equipment to use on their couches and chairs. However, it works on pet hair because it has such an even and defined way of peeling back hair from the furniture (much in the same way it has a thorough method of removing stains from ).

How to Get Dog Hair off Furniture