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Hi Glenda, I just switched from Acana single protein to raw. I am very fortunate in that one of my puppy people owns a pet food store and her focus is raw. She is not close enough to be my supplier but she has provided a wealth of information. First, she recommended that I do a complete transfer with 12 hours between the last feed of kibble. Second, she recommended I feed a complete prepared raw diet to start – so I have chosen Iron Will Raw as it came highly recommended by her. It is important to feed a variety of proteins however initially you need to check your dogs tolerance to the different proteins – for example I did not know that many dogs have an intolerance for chicken and beef because vaccines are grown using chicken and beef cells (I found that hugely interesting). So, I am starting with a complete chicken for a week, then I will do beef for a week, then turkey, then pork – there are lots of choices but with this supplier they have a “Pawty- Platter” that is really good value and so I want to test the tolerance to the meats in that package. Good luck with your transition – I am hoping to great things – I have been dealing with mild allergies for the last few years so I am hoping this will help my guys.

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Vital Essentials is a raw pet food brand that sells frozen and freeze-dried products for both dogs and cats. Sourced, made, and packaged in the USA. The raw dog food is often HPP processed to reduce bacteria.
Your contention that cooked dog food is better is interesting since many kibble is recalled for salmonella contamination. I think that blows a hole in that argument as well.
My dogs are very healthy. They also eat dirt that I’m sure is contaminated with fecal matter from the various wildlife that lives in the woods behind my house and are often running through my yard. So perhaps my dogs should not be allowed outside either?
Since you have a medical background, I’m sure you’re aware that I could go to a hospital, which should be the mecca of clean and sanitary and pick up MRSA or any other various bacterial infections that lurk there. I could also, and my children did when they were little, pick up any number of viruses while sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Such is life.

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I have 2 dogs; they have eaten Darwins Raw and a third party dry exclusively since they were pups. My 4 year old has recently had severe digestive problems that may have started about the time that our most recent batch of Darwins arrived. I cannot determine if the new formula has been the root cause of his problem but I am suspect of the new batch of food. The younger dog is also starting to show some signs of diarrhea. FYI – He had a progressive loss of appetite (he usually has a tremendous food drive) until he would not eat at all and was unable to keep anything down even water. The vet did blood work and stool analysis that were all negative. Although xrays showed an inflamed colon with no sign of obstruction. He is on the mend with treatment but I am very suspect of the latest batch of frozen Raw beef from Darwins. I am looking for alternative brands.

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