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Please note these harnesses are designd for dual connection, ie front and back (Tellington TTouch leading techniques) or attachment from the back (ie on the dogs shoulder). The Xtra Dog harness is not designed as a front leading only harness and the front ring is not designed to take the full weight of a dog.

Front attaching harness designed to lead your dog. Made in California!

Harnesses can either be front-attaching or back-attaching. Front-attaching harnesses are effective for larger dogs as they lead from the front, while a back-attaching harness doesn’t allow for the walker to have as much control and may lead to worse pulling behavior since the dog does not feel the guidance necessary for training. Back-attaching harnesses are recommended for small breeds as they are more sensitive to pressure and a front-attaching harness can be painful for them.

Front Lead No Pull Dog Harness made in USA Xsm to XLg | eBay

Jump to #6 – No-Choke No-Pull Front-Leading Dog Harnesses, Original .. that goes under the chest and by the front legs is lined in velvet for comfort and also minimizes the possibility of chafing. With a different color web by the top leash attachment ring, it makes it super easy for you to visualize how to put this harness on your dog. This dog harness is unique in that it provides a ring on the front chest and a ring on the back by the shoulders to attach a leash. If you are looking for control and to train your dog to walk by you without choking, this is the harness you need. You can attach leashes to both rings or even just to the front ring for control of the direction your dog's shoulders will go. When your dog pulls forward, the harness will re-direct your dog back to you. It's a no-pull dog harness! With verbal commands and consistency your dog will learn to heel by you and at some point you may just use the ring on the back for lead attachment. Love these harnesses that are made for small to very big dogs and give everyone the right amount of freedom.

Harnessing the Walk: Choosing the Right Harness for Your Dog

This harness is different from the standard harnesses. The leash/lead will attach to the front "D" ring as shown in the pictures. In the location of the "D" ring you will notice an extra ring of fabric added to the front of the harness. This will serve for two great purposes. First when the dog pulls forward the front extra ring of fabric will work like a Martingale dog collar and apply a light pressure around the upper area just above the front legs. Second, the dog will now be redirected towards you: to the left or the right. This will prevent the dog from pulling forward. With most dogs, in a short amount of time, the dog will start walking with a loose leash. Now walking will be so much

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