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The Drinkwell Big Dog Pet Fountain holds 2.25 gallons of water and continuously circulates and filters your pet's water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. Say goodbye to constantly refilling your dog's water and not knowing if your dog's bowl is empty. The free-falling stream aerates the water for added freshness and encourages pets to drink more water.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Dog & Cat - Continual Fresh Water Bowl w/ Filter #PetSafe

The reason is you want your dog's water constantly moving, especially through clean rocks, because it keeps the water clean and fresh, otherwise it becomes stagnant. How many times have you picked up their water bowl and said, "Ewww, I just washed that water bowl yesterday, and it is already filthy"? This will keep their water fresher and cleaner longer. If you don't keep your dog's water clean, it can actually grow these little, black worms in it that you sure don't want your dog drinking!

Top 5 Best Auto Fill Dog Water Bowl & Fountains for Dogs in 2017

Automatic Self Watering Indoor Outdoor Pet Fountain Fresh Water Dog or Cat Bowl This Automatic Water bowl is just the right size f "A new product from Contech Electronics, Inc. called the "WaterDog" allows your dog to request tap water on demand, eliminating the need for owners to refresh watering bowls."

Product - Dog It Design Fresh & Clear 200 fl oz Drinking Fountain

"Keeping a fresh supply of water in the dog's bowl isn't just desirable on these long warm days of later summer - it's essential. Heat stroke is a real threat to pets. Now, WaterDog is there to pour Fido a fresh drink, even when you're not".

Product - Cat/Dog Life Pet Water Fountain.

As a pet owner and a pet lover, I think that this is such a cool product! You never have to worry about filling up the dog's water bowl again, because they drink the same, filtered, refreshing water that you do.This sleek raindrop design makes a fountain suitable for both dogs and cats. While it doesn't fresh water to the bowl, the charcoal filter purifies the water each time it circulates through it. The Pioneer Pet Drinking fountain is available in and . The bowls are available in ceramic black (holds 48 oz. of water) and stainless steel (holds 60 oz. of water) The bowls are both dishwasher safeFresh running water does have great appeal, even to pets. Take cats, for example: it's the rare one who will even drink from a bowl of "stagnant" water. And when you think about it, cats have it right... who wants to drink out of a bowl or a glass of water that's been sitting there for half a day or so? Perhaps that's why the latest trend in pet drinking is not the 'pet bowl,' it's the 'pet fountain,' where water flows constantly, or There are many fresh water fountains on the market for cats and dog, but I thought these 9 indoor and outdoor pet fountains stood out as the best in terms of quality, design and overall value...Make sure you check whether your dog has had a drink after his meal and if so, pick up the water bowl, clean it and replenish it with fresh water.