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These are items and/or tasks you will need to have or complete before you bring home your french bulldog puppy. You will save yourself a lot of headache by getting these out of the way up front. We recommend that you save your local veterinarian’s phone number in your contacts list. We highly recommend you keep the number to the closest 24-hour emergency veterinarian clinic in your phone contacts as well. It can make all the difference in your french bulldog’s life. The same is true for a first aid kit for dogs. Keep medical supplies for your pets because accidents will happen. Always consult with a veterinarian for anything more serious than a scrape or mild rash.

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I am Scrump The Frenchie and I am so happy you stopped by our site! I get to share the great gear, yummy treats, and quality dog supplies my mom finds for me and all my pals! As responsible French bulldog breeders, we have loads of info for the humans who love us Frenchies as well as the occasional good looking French bulldog puppy from time to time. She created Scrumptious Paws, a family-run business, with a focus on keeping everyone healthy, happy, and engaged! I think she succeeded, but don't take my word for it! Browse our site and tell us what you think. We look forward to engaging you too!

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Jump to BEDDING/SUPPLIES - French Bulldog bedding can be a cotton rug or blanket in his .. We suggest supplementing your French bulldog's diet with vitamin C (Ester C) for good immune system support and joint development and strength. You can get this with 120% or higher Vit C all natural orange juice (not from concentrate) or real oranges (2-3 times per week). Or (Ester C) Vit C tablets. Vit C in this natural form is more readily absorbed by the body. Add it to your French bulldog's food masked with yogurt or serve it separately based on your French Bulldog's preference. Also Cod liver oil (1-2 teaspoons a day) are great for the coat and skin (no soybean oil!). Hard boiled eggs (1/2 to 1 per day) are great too, .

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We are excited to be able to bring you Frenchie Bulldog Supply, the innovative U.S brand behind the best selling reversible French Bulldog harness.

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Tired of not being able to find fun and well fitting harnesses for their Frenchie, Olive, the team behind Frenchie Bulldog Supply set about designing a harness which combined comfort, fit and fun. Custom tailored to fit the unique body shape of the French Bulldog perfectly, these strong and lightweight reversible harnesses are also suitable for similar breeds including Pugs and Boston Terriers.