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Although possibly the least interesting of all dog bowl choices, stainless steel is generally the safest choice. Stainless steel is non-porous, which means tiny bacteria can't seep into the surface of the bowl. These shiny metal bowls also don't scratch easily, which means no cracks or crevices for food particles or bacteria to hide. Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and can safely be washed in a dishwasher. If you choose stainless steel bowls, be sure to ask questions before buying the bowls. In July 2012, some stainless steel bowls were recalled from 11 Petco stores based on concerns about low levels of radiation in the bowls. To lower the risk of any radiation in the bowls (often as a result of recycling scrap metal), stick to stainless steel bowls sourced and manufactured in the United States. Dogs generally have an easy time eating and drinking from stainless steel bowls. If your pooch has a short snout, consider one a bowl with a sloping side to make it easier to get the food. Stainless steel slow-feeding and non-tipping bowls are also available.

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Don’t use these best cheap dog food bowls to feed big pets since this will be inadequate for their needs, or for pets known to react adversely to plastic. Plastic bowls can also cause acne to develop on your dog's chin or around his face, which some unsatisfied reviewers say happened to their pets because of these bowls.

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Dec 22, 2016 - Elevated food bowls for dogs have been advertised as having many benefits for dogs' health ver the years there have been plenty of topics of contention among dog owners – are grains good or bad? Should dogs be spayed or neutered before a certain age? Can they see color? One topic that has repeatedly been questioned, however, is the benefit or detriment of elevated food bowls for dogs, and how these now popular raised dog food bowls affect our pets.

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There are (also called raised dog food bowls) that come in set elevations for different sized dogs, and there are adjustable raised pet food bowls that allow owners to choose a specific bowl height.

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When first promoted, raised dog food bowls were sold as something extremely beneficial for larger breed dogs that are at a higher risk of bloating. This view was sold as “science” because it resulted from a statistical study ().When choosing pet food dishes, consider an , which is simply an elevated stand used to raise the food bowls above floor level. Elevated feeders have a number of benefits, the most important of which is improved comfort for your pet. It can be uncomfortable for some pets to lower the head down to eat or drink, especially for larger dogs, senior pets and those with painful joints. A raised feeder allows your pet to eat using a more natural body posture, thereby reducing stress on your pet’s back and neck. Since your pet’s head isn’t pointed downward to eat from the floor, a raised feeder also makes swallowing food and water easier on your pet.