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High performance dog flotation device (PFD) for water adventures. Top handles on life jacket for easy grip to assist your dog while in the water. Velcro enclosure to secure your dog’s swimming vest with adjustable chest and neck buckles for quick release. Great for Labrador, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, German Shepherd, Mastiff, Greyhound, Bulldog, Boxer, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Cane Corso, Newfoundland, Bordeaux Great Dane, Bernese, St Bernard and other large breed dogs 30 lbs or more.

Not only people wear personal flotation devices; some are available for dogs and other pets.

The , available in bright yellow or red with Scotchlite reflective trim for easy visibility, is a durable dog flotation device suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The shape of the life jacket, with strategically placed foam panels, promotes a natural swimming position, and the neck closure is adjustable yet permanently attached for a combination of comfort and security. A low-profile handle on the top makes it easy to retrieve the dog from the water, and there is a light loop for adding a beacon.

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best-selling canine life jackets, or PFDs for dogs (personal flotation devices). 2) The EzyDog flotation device is great for older or disabled dogs (amputee dogs for example) that have a tough time swimming on their own. The special head flotation flap keeps your dog's head above water at all times.

A Dog Flotation Device You Can Trust from EzyDog™.

A dog will usually arrive at your pool in order to regain full range of motion, to build confidence, to build muscle and strength. I personally don’t often use a flotation device as I want to be able to support the dog, feel his movement and have access to his entire body for massage, however, for those dogs who don’t need this hands on approach, a floatation device MUST first and foremost be of utmost comfort and not impose on the dog’s full range of motion.

5 Best Dog Life Vests: Canine Safety While At Sea! - K9 of Mine

Even if your dog is a great swimmer, all dogs should wear personal flotation devices for the same reason humans do when out in open water. Dogs aren't fish and can't swim forever. Choking on water and/or general fatigue are real dangers for a dog in water, so give your dog the added security of wearing something that keeps him from drowning. "As a kayaker I can say I have put the micro doggy and full sized doggy flotation devices to the test. Both of these get used almost weekly. They really help keep my dogs safe. They are comfortable on both my Yorkie and Boxer. Handles are well placed and don't dunk your dog's head when you lift them out of the water. The straps are far superior to other vests. The wide neoprene under-straps really support the dog without being uncomfortable or chaffing. Both dogs can wear them all day without and skin irritation. The neck portion really helps keep their heads up out of the water. I've even seen my Yorkie remain motionless and float comfortably. Not only do they vests fit well, but they look great too. We are always getting compliments. My pups used to cling to the kayaks when were were far from the bank, now they are comfortable and secure enough to take a swim anytime. Whenever they see me load the vests they get excited knowing they will soon be in the water. NOTE: never assume that EVERY dog can swim! I must say that as my Boxer got bigger (and more muscular) his ability to swim decreased because muscle doesn't float. I tried other vests, but his Ezydog has much more buoyancy than other vests (cheap and big brand).Thanks Ezydog team! I'm a fan of your products for life!"