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Fluffy Flappy is a terrific toy for dogs that love cuddling, cleaning and carrying around their favorite toys. Squeaks. 22" - for large dogs (40 pounds & above).

Flappy Dog Toys Rubbery Dog Toy; Large (1.99'' H x 3.88'' W x 0.75'' D)

Flossy Flappy is made from all-natural canvas and cotton rope and was developed for dogs that love rope toys. Squeaks. 22" - for large dogs (40 pounds & above).

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A flappy dog is a happy dog! flappy toys are great for fetch and retrieval games. Their unique textures appeal to dogs of all shap The Fluffy Flappy is perfect for dogs that love soft toys but still want to squeak, crunch, and play! The toy is soft to the touch and contains one squeaker & crinkle flaps—it's a full touch and sound experience.

Flatty is unstuffed and crinkly! - Flappy Dog Toys

Pups that always have to have the last squeak can satisfy their urge with Squeaker Matz. They've got rows and rows of squeakers, and dogs love shaking these flappy toys back and forth to satisfy their hunting instinct. Squeaker Matz Minis are the perfect fit for tiny jaws, and the Long Body size can spark an impromptu game of tug-of-war with you or a pack buddy. The Ginormous Gator has 32 squeakers for squeaker-happy pups that can't get enough.

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Flappy Dog Toys can be found online and at many fine retailers nationwide. You can click on the logos or company names below for direct links to retailer websites. Flappy Dog Toys feature vibrant, contrasting colors, unique fabrics for different activities (like crinkly flaps for cuddling or cotton rope for chewing), and feature a size for every breed! These are some real in-your-face dog toys! There's a reason for that and it's because they help dogs satisfy deep-rooted instincts. The behavior to carry prey in the mouth is instinctive and the flaps help simulate that same mouthfeel. Flappy also encourages sporting behavior such as fetch and retrieval and is also great for lively in-home play! Flappy® Dog Toys has been named a winner of a 2009 Pet Product News "Editors’ Choice" Award and a 2009 Dog Fancy "Editors' Choice" award. Pet Product News reserves this prestigious honor for only the best new products that help promote the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets. Dog Fancy searches far and wide for the best new dog products on which to bestow their award, and we're so happy to have won both awards that we could just piddle right here on the floor! We're proud of these awards and we'd like to invite you to try Flappy Dog Toys for yourself and see why "Flappy dogs are Happy dogs!"