Buy a Finding Nemo costume for your dog for Halloween

Buy a Finding Nemo costume for your dog for Halloween. Planning an elaborate group costume around your kid’s favorite movie? Don’t forget to let the family pet in on the act! Shop for your Finding Nemo dog costume from this selection:


Layla, a Cava Bear dog, wears a Finding Nemo costume in celebration of Halloween in Omaha, Neb. (Gallery by Sabrina Treitz, USA TODAY) Submitted by Jamie Grinstead

Finding Nemo Darla Dog Costume - Costume Works

Finding Nemo Dog Costumes My chihuahua Fergie is wearing a handmade by me costume. I love the Finding Nemo movie, so I decided to dress my obnoxious redhead as another obnoxious redhead which is Darla! I handpainted the same sweater design from the movie onto a chils shirt that I altered to fit my dog. I cut off a teddy bears arms, and sewed them into the sleeves of the shirt. I then made a plaid skirt, and attached it. I created the dead fish in the bag from felt, and it is just sewed onto the paws giving the effect of her holding the fish bag. I made her wig from yarn, and attached a felt and foil "retainer".

finding nemo dog costume – I Love Pet Stories

Description Disney Finding Nemo dog costume. Brand new, never worn out, just tried on. Size L-XLG. Fits my 75lb dog. Adjustable, velcro waist band and neck band. Light enough to where not annoying.

letgo - Finding Nemo Dog Costume! in Howell, MI