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I forgot to ask.. i am the one with the livestock guardian dogs in Alaska... this winter we will not enclose the entire 5 acres ..most likely just a small area to allow them to roam some in the yard and to the already existing fenced in area... most likely the size of a very large suburban yard... so recommendation on this system would be appreciated as opposed to buying more than needed for this small area...

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I’ve been reading your reviews of the different fences and I am wondering if Dobermans normally require a Stubborn Dog system. I have two male pups four months old and they seem to have a high pain threshold, for example, when they play together they will often pull the other around by a chunk of skin without seeming to cause pain. Another question, we don’t keep them in the house but in a large fenced pen with an attached shed for the time being and take them out on leashes for walks and exercise but want them to be in our yard eventually. Our yard has a non-dog-proof fence on three sides only so I thought your electric fences would be perfect, but I read your recommendation to not take the dog through the fence at all during the training so it wouldn’t confuse them. The problem is the shed is on our property behind our back yard and we would have to go through the fence gate to get the dogs into the yard for the training and then back out through the gate to put them back into the pen at night or when we weren’t out with them. Any ideas?

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The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Electric Fence is designed for very large dogs and the guardian breeds I currently have the RFA-297 transmitter, which is capable of looping 5 acres (I have it covering about 2 acres). I have been using the transmitter with two german shepherds for over two year without any problems. Recently, however, they have been rushing past the fence regularly. I have been looking into getting a couple of stubborn dog collars and a new transmitter. Will using a more powerful transmitter that can cover a larger area allow me to widen the corrective field around the underground wire beyond what my current transmitter is capable of doing? I would like to do this to ensure the dogs can’t quickly rush past the corrective “zap” again.

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We have just had a red heeler turn up as a stray, cannot find the owner after a lot of work trying. Have yet to confirm age but seems like around 8-10 months. She is very fast if she sees a deer or squirrel etc, quite the hunter. Very lively!
Seems like she is not going to like being in a large chainlink dog run so we are thinking of an electrical fence instead. Haven’t used one before and not much experience with dogs.
We have around 2 acres that we would either allow her the whole area to be fenced into or we could just let her have the run of the back yard area if it was too expensive or difficult to do the whole 2 acres.
We are on a lake fronted property so I assume that these collars are waterproof if she went in the lake? Or would we have to fence that off too?
We would like to allow her to come up to the house from the yard and on the deck can we run the wire next to the metal siding on the house/deck area or will this interfere with the system?
Could you advise the best system and the rough cost please?
Appreciate it greatly.

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