DIY Dog Crate Table Cover with Canvas Fabric sides

There are several varieties of crates available. It can be a bit daunting to figure out the size and style to pick for your dog. The most common crate varieties are wire crates, plastic crates, and fabric crates.

Pet Gear Soft Crates /Fabric Crates With Snap poles!  Generation II Portable Soft Dog Crates

This crate is made of tough waterproof fabric and can be used both indoor and outdoor. Also, The Dogit Deluxe Soft Dog Crate is durable and light-weight.

Range of fabric soft dog crates

Pet Gear Soft Crates /Fabric Crates With Snap poles!  Generation II Portable Soft Dog Crates We’ve shown you some of the best dog crates depending on your dog’s needs. Whether you choose metal, plastic, or fabric, you’re sure to get the best dog crate and keep your dog happy and comfortable.

Jul 1, 2014 - With a fabric crate, your dog must be well trained

It addresses many of the most common complaints pet owners have with soft dog crates, including being made with a tough mesh fabric that your dog will not be able to chew or claw through and a unique mesh window design that ensures the crate is fully ventilated.

Portable Fabric Dog Crate - Indoor - Outdoor -small.

All the convenience and packing ease of a dog tent,
with the comfort and security of a fabric crate!

Tons of "extra" features!
There has been a time when best soft sided dog crate was one of the best options for your loyal canine, but it seems like their quality has dropped a little (and it should've been the price instead!) But it's not all bad, not by any means. This dog soft crate's biggest issue is its lightweight quality fabric, which means it won't be suitable for any canine. However, the kennel itself has a sturdy frame, with good looking design and seems to be comfortable for most pets.Unfortunately, this will always remain an issue to a greater or lesser extent. A good or even the best soft sided dog crate is made from a fabric guys, not metal plates, and you must take this into consideration before making the purchase. Normally, some type of dog crate training is required to prevent such damage. With that being said, here's when soft sided dog crate (or doghouse, kennel, dog home, carrier – whatever we choose to call them) should be considered by dog owners.Very easy to fold when travelling, Portable Tent Crate is a good option of a best soft sided dog crate, and is covered with water resistant fabric – which is somewhat rare – has a synthetic sheepskin pad and an awesome easy-zip mesh door which will safely secure your pet inside. The steel frame is very sturdy which is something you instantly notice the minute you unpack the box, and the kennel itself isn't heavy (although you won't be able to use it as a carrier). The two biggest cons of this item is that a) even though you learn quickly, at first it's a little complicated to set up, and b) it should be a cheaper. If that does not bother you, you can safely consider this as one of the better soft sided dog crate options.