Evolve Maintenance Formula with Lamb Dry Dog Food

3.** Evolution Moist Kibble are absorbed and utilized far more efficiently than Dry Kibble foods so Cats & Dogs Fill Up On 35%-50% Less Food, Defecate 35%-50% Less Stool Formation & Produce Up To 80% Less Fecal Odor while Feeding Costs 35%-50% Less than with other Vegan & Flesh Based Dry Kibble Foods.

Judging by its ingredients alone, Evolve Dog Food looks like an above-average dry product.

The dry matter basis figures for Evolve’s grain free foods works out to: 27.8 percent protein; 16.7 percent fat; 3.33 percent fiber; and 44.4 percent carbohydrates. That means that the carbohydrates in the foods are pretty high, even though these are grain free foods. Ingredients like garbanzo beans (chickpeas), peas flour, sweet potatoes, potato starch, and tapioca are all high in carbs. With that many carbs in a food, they become fillers at some point. So, while the meat and other ingredients in Evolve’s grain free foods look good, nearly half of what you’re buying and feeding your dog is carbohydrates. Evolve isn’t the only brand that does this with grain free foods, but it’s easy to see it when you figure the dry matter basis for a food sometimes, especially when the protein percentage is modest, as it is here.

Evolve Senior/Lite Formula Dry Dog Food

Evolve Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice Recipe Super Premium Dry Dog Food, 3.75 lb Evolve Senior/Lite Formula Dry Dog Food, 4-lb bag; Evolve Senior/Lite Formula is made for older or overweight adult dogs. It has the same great nutrition but will less calories. It also supports joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin. This...

Evolve Dog Food (Dry) - Dog Food Advisor

After trying a number of dry dog foods for my pitt lab mix who has a horrible skin allergy. I tried Evolve and it cleared up! And he likes it! His skin looks much better.

The Evolve Dog Food product line includes eight dry dog foods

Evolve Maintenance Formula with Lamb Dry Dog Food is natural dog food, with its premium, all-natural ingredients and state-of-the-art packing (resealable bag). Evolve Maintenance Formula with Lamb Dry Dog Food represents the ultimate in care and nutrition for your dog. Evolve Maintenance Formula with Lamb Dry Dog Food is comprised of the same basic food groups that humans require for a well-balanced, healthy diet.
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