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I feed my dog Orijen and usually mix in a little Merrick's wet food. I recently picked up a few cans of Evanger’s hunk of beef and have been mixing a little with the dry food. This evening I opened a can of Evanger’s hunk of beef and started to mix a bit into the dry.. and I smelled an awful smell.. The can of food was rancid so glad I did not feed that to my beautiful boxer. I threw it out and will let the store that I purchased it from, know. I told my husband and he found the reviews so I am posting mine.

Evangers Dog Food Reviews

Since there are so many products available, you need to have an understanding of your pet’s diet needs and of what you are buying when purchasing products from Evanger’s. Many Evanger's canned dog food reviews mention that they bought a supplement product instead of a dinner product.

Evangers Dog Food Reviews, Coupons & Recalls 2016

I’ve got a spoiled dog on my hands! Daisy dog has been thoroughly enjoying the latest blog review, Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company. How do I get this 5 star rating off this website for Evanger’s dog food.? I think this website can do something about this shabby company . They better update their review and I am wondering how they are going to review Evnager’s new dog food.

Evangers Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2017

Yeah, this food LOOKS great on the can…I’ve worked in a couple different locally owned pet store in the last 10 years and the negative review I get from Evanger’s is usually the same: “I don’t know why but this can made my dog sick.”

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September, 2010:
The status of Evangers Dog Food and the FDA appears to remain unchanged. The FDA has been closely reviewing and approving all Evangers sterilization processes, and there have been no reported incidents of illness from either the Evangers brand, or any of their private label customer brands. Therefore, we feel comfortable reinstating Evangers dog food ratings to their former 5 Scoops.Hi everyone; I have researching dry dog foods for months now and i am looking for a food that does not have potato, beet pulb, garlic or vit k in it. I looked into Evangers grain free. It has a 5 star rating and it seems to be what i want but as i see in the comments that most people do not like it. i have 2 rescue dogs a lhasa/maltese mix and a maltese/yorkie mix, they tell me .My last dog was 120 lb malamute that i fed a raw diet. He passed away from cancer at 14 which is great for a large dog. These 2 little guys do not like raw for some reason and when they do eat raw they only eat very little and they get loose stools. It is funny that do not like raw because they love veggies and apples and bananas which i feed them every so often. I have tried Blue Buffalo but the lhasa had a bad itching reaction to it. I also tried Wellness but since i found out it is made by the Diamond company i stopped that one also. They are now eating Nutro Natural and i see all the bad reviews so i am affraid of useing that one even though they are doing good on it. Please let me know why Evangers is not liked by a lot of people. Thanks for your help in finding the best dog food for my little ones.