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Some dogs are drawn to the smell of marrow, but not all will chew a horn or antler (often from an elk, deer, moose or water buffalo) until they crack it open. Lauridia gives these to his own dogs, but cautions that they might be too tough for those under 20 pounds. “There is risk for a fracture to the tip of the teeth,” he says.

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This isn't our first elk horn. We've had many deer antlers (also favs) but the dogs will chew the deer antlers down to a sharp point...instead they really chew the elk horns and the horn lasts in a safe way for a very long time.

All Natural Elk Antler Dog Chews

The Ross Taylor Originals Elk Horn Dog Chew are a goodsource of calcium and great to control tarter. They come wither whole or split and are 100% natural. We have a pair of Jack Russell Terriorist's and they destroy all chew toys...EXCEPT the small whole elk horn pieces....which are not small at all, The last two I ordered are weighty, solid 7 to 8" pieces that last my high velocity chewers for several months until chewed down to pieces that could fit in their mouths then more are ordered and the small pieces tossed.
I thought with my first order that this product was rather pricey...I was off the mark as these are solid, long lasting, tasty treats that my dogs really enjoy!

Premium Quality Elk Antler Dog Chews - Elk, Moose, and Deer Antlers

: This company offers antler chews from several different animals, including moose, deer, and elk. The largest size is ten inches and it is hypoallergenic and odor-free. You can get the antler flavored with chicken if you want, but they also provide non-flavored . They are from the USA and come from both hunted animals and naturally-shed horns. The company recommends moose antlers for dogs that are tough chewers. The antlers vary in size, but the ranges (Small to Jumbo) have a 2-inch variation on them. It is 100% natural and packaged to preserve minerals.

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