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It is normal in the wild for wolves to “bolt” their food. They gulp food quickly, often without chewing, because they never know when another predator will come along and steal their kill. However, the dog breeds of today are a far cry from wolves, and eating too quickly is a major cause of bloat. Elevated feeders actually allow dogs to eat even faster than they would if they had to bend over their bowls to eat. If your dog tends to bolt her food, using one of several bowls on the market with built in nubs and crevices is a better solution. Other owners of “chow hounds” choose to spread the kibble across the floor, forcing the dog to seek out each piece.

Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 250 mm / 10" Tall - Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls

There are tons of things that you need to look over before getting yourself an elevated dog bowl. Getting yourself a utensil like this is important, but first, you need to know what things to look for in a dog bowl. There are hundreds of dog food bowl providers that are actually pretty great when you talk about them, but you can’t buy all of them, right? Choosing the right one can be harder the first time, so here’s how to buy the best dog food bowl as per your needs.

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Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 400 mm / 16" Tall - Raised Dog Food and Water Bowls Elevated food bowls for dogs have been advertised as having many benefits for dogs' health. Unfortunately, not all of those advertised benefits hold true. Let’s take a look at some of these widely spread truths and falsehoods from a scientific viewpoint.

dogs, respectively, were attributed to having a raised feed bowl.

The bowl holder has a classy and functional design and is durably constructed from Grade A pine. The feeder contains three food-grade stainless steel bowls. Two of the bowls can 3 cups of food each, and the other is more shallow and only holds 13 ounces. With two elevations to choose from, pet owners find this to be suitable for a variety of breeds and sizes of dogs.

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The different designs of dog food bowls matters somewhat (as far as we are currently aware based on evidence) when it comes to making sure that your pet is as healthy and happy, and the debate of regular dog food bowls versus elevated dog bowls, also known as dog raised bowls, has been around for a while. Today we'll dig deeper into this subject to see which bowls are better for our dogs, and why.Helps to keep everything neat. Because elevated dog bowls are fixated on a stand, they are not sliding across the floor when the dog eats, splattering food all over the place. It stays in one location and so does the food, which is a blessing for owners weary of after their messy dogs.