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Solo doors use a welded aluminum frame with a sheet metal front cover. Like the Plexidor, the drive is taken from the Power Pet design using a motor and lift cable with a gravity return. Unfortunately, like the Plexidor, the Solo uses a large AC motor and a rather crude controller. Henry chose to mount this large motor inside the casing. That is what makes over 4 inches deep, making it impractical for any installation but inside the wall studs. When mounted between the studs, the Solo door has a nice, flush mounted appearance. The problem is that you have to cut a very large hole in your wall that covers the entire area of the door which is more than twice the area of the flap itself. That makes for a difficult installation.And because there is no pre-made wall kit available you are required to build a custom frame to seal off the opening. The Solo door is not designed to be mounted on doors or in sliding glass patio doors. Solo does advertise door and sliding glass installations but, if you look any photos of such installations you see a huge box hanging off of a house door or a patio panel and that ends up looking crude and frankly, a little ridiculous. All this highlights the fact that Solo lacks the engineering skills and manufacturing equipment to produce a first-class electronic pet door. To its credit, Solo does use a polycarbonate (Lexan) panel. And we will say that the Solo electronic dog door is basically well built. Just don't expect the level of performance and security that you get from a genuine Power Pet door.

Patio Pacific Thermo Panel 2e Automatic Electronic Cats & Small Dog Door for Sliding Glass Doors

If you are looking for a super secure, exceptionally insulated sliding glass cat or dog door that gives you the convenience of a fully automatic electronic pet door insert, the only choice is our amazing Power Pet Fully Automatic electronic patio pet door. These doors include a sliding glass patio insert with a built-in Power Pet fully automatic electronic pet door. The Deluxe series features the Power Pet door installed in a single pane Ideal Fast Fit sliding glass insert. The e-Glass series features a extra heavy duty 13/16" extruded aluminum frame with a dual pane, tempered low-e glass panel. Pet door sizes are medium for pets 30 lbs. and under and large, for pets up to 100 lbs. There is no better choice than a Power Pet sliding glass patio pet door. This amazing product gives you the convenience of our Power Pet fully automatic, pet operated door with all its unique features including motorized operation, directional sensing, auto dead bolt lock, auto safety retract, 4 way access, dual range control and much more. The Low-e patio pet door insert is the heaviest, highest quality patio insert made with the best double pane glass there is. These doors feature a hermetically sealed, zero draft panel that will not leak a breath of air even in hurricane force winds. Truly the ultimate in a sliding glass patio pet door. And, considering quality, features and money saving energy efficiency, these pet doors are an outstanding value for your money.

Fully-Automatic Pet Doors Adapted for Sliding Glass Doors

LARGE POWER PET™ FULLY AUTOMATIC PATIO DOOR - Extra Tall - Like No Other Pet Door On Earth The electronic patio pet door models by High Tech combine the innovation and security of the High Tech Pet automatic pet doors with the convenience of a patio panel. The patio pet panel used in all of the electronic High Tech patio dog doors is the . This Ideal patio panel will only fit with aluminum sliding glass doors. Since these electronic patio pet doors are fully automated, they will work for any size dog or cat up to 120 pounds.

Fully Automatic Pet Doors Made Just for Sliding Glass Doors

Plexidor electronic doors provide security with access control for doors, walls and glass.The Plexidor electronic door only opens for your pet while keeping other animals out. The collar key is an electronic RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) that is attached to your pet’s collar.The door reads the key code as your dog approaches and if it recognizes the code, it slides up like a mini garage door, allowing access for your pet. You can program the key to accept just one of thousands of possible key codes, so it is very secure.

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