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Well, I'm almost afraid to post this in fear of hearing the backlash, but hear me out.... I am proud to announce Kaycee has graduated AKC Puppy Star Program a few weeks ago. Our continued effort and consistency with her clicker training had payed off. Although as I had posted before Kaycee was still having difficulty with staying on a loose leash without pulling. We have worked daily, 3 x a day, with the training we were taught with little improvement. After Kaycee's graduation I contacted "BARK BUSTERS" which seems to be a national chain. Upon speaking with the owner/operator is was approx. $600 for the training and he began to explain their philosophy behind their methods. When I hung up the phone I recalled very similar training from this "Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Training System" I began to again look at reviews from private blogs etc and found things to be quite positive. Well for "2 payments of 29.95" it was worth looking into. The system came in 3 days ago and began watching the videos and using the collar. I have to admit beyond anyones negativity towards this system -- in a matter of minutes -- not hours -- literally 3 minutes Kaycee was walking on a loose leash. I continued to have the collar on for additional training that day and had to only make a few small corrections. Now over the past few days she does not have the collar on and I'm walking her on her old leash and collar WITHOUT ANY PULLING. If she does begin to pull, a slight gentle tug on her "regular collar" she immediately stops and continues to walk on the loose leash.

Review about Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Training System from Maricopa, Arizona.

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Don Sullivan in Ohio reviews: Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Review from Youngstown, Ohio We just discovered this independent site with a small number of negative reviews of Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog system. Actually (and unfortunately), many of the reviews were based upon things that were completely unrelated to actually trying out the product.

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Hello katzbme. The DogFather Team here. We just discovered this independent site with a small number of negative reviews of Don Sullivan's Perfect Dog system. Actually (and un...

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