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With that said…about Craigslist. When someone offers a dog for free to good home…DOES THAT PERSON giving the dog/pet away do a home check? Drive to that persons house, check for fencing/backyard,descent neighborhood, make sure dog will be living indoors and not out back chained up with little or no shelter? Do you call the Vet of the people interested in your pet? These are all the things you SHOULD do before giving your dog to someone else. Also have them sign a contract agreeing to the terms you would like to see. A warm bed, good food and lots of love. And FREE dogs alot of the time are used in dog fighting. these are horrific conditions and many dogs die or are ripped apart. i have seen many with their faces ripped off, or guts hanging out. Also people take them JUST to torture them. shove a shovel into their skull, burn them, drag them behind vehicles, poor acid on them, beat them with baseball bats. SEEN IT ALL and WORSE. THIS IS THE VERY REASON not to give your dog away. even if you give it away free..DO HOME and VET CHECKS. check them out thoroughly.
So all of you that are making really off the wall ignorant negative comments about this article..THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!

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Want a hot dog branded with the company’s name when it’s warm and plump? Father’s Day is your lucky chance. The owners of Snap Dog, the company with the trademark “The Hot Dog with its Name on It,” will give away 3,000 signature wieners June 18 at Manorhaven Market in Port Washington.The pups will be available from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. or until they run out.The all-beef hot dogs...

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Sleepypod #sponsored giveaway review: The safest way for dogs to ride in the car It's very hard to give a dog away that you love. You might have to give your dog away because a family member develops pet allergies or because you’re moving to a new place that doesn’t allow dogs. Whatever the reason, giving away your dog is a hard decision that you must make carefully in order to figure out the best thing to do for all parties involved.

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Don't ever be offended if the dog's owner asks you a lot of questions. A caring pet owner, if forced to give away their dog, wants to ensure their dog goes to a good home. One of the questions they may ask is whether you have children. It's a good idea anyway to visit your potential new friend with your kids to see the dog's reaction. The owners may ask where you intend to keep the dog - while you're home, while you're away, and at night. Do you have a fenced yard? Do you own your home? Both you and the owner should be sure the dog is a good fit for your family. It would be unfair to the dog to be given away a second time. He's already had to form a bond with two owners.

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Are you wondering if there is such a thing as free dog adoptions? Where can you find a free dog for adoption? What should you look for when adopting a free dog? As a child, we always had a dog and I don't think we paid for any of them. We got all of our dogs from people who were trying to give away puppies born to the family dog that got out of the yard! 5.) Which Dog? You have three choices here. You could keep the dog that best suits you and your lifestyle. That’s what you would do if you were starting out all over again. Or, maybe the other dog is not adoptable. If you gave that dog away, it would be put to death by rescue or a shelter. So, you keep that dog out of love and kindness, for the sake of that dog and to protect the other dog from harm. If you do decide to give away a dog, then you MUST work through a no-kill shelter or with a reputable rescue organization. Regular shelters will kill between 25% to 100% dogs not adopted EACH WEEK. Your dog doesn’t deserve that kind of fate. Even if you have to drive to another state, that would be preferable to giving your dog to a place that will kill your dog. Some shelters also regularly kill certain breeds, even if the dog is just fine. You should NOT try to sell or give the dog away yourself. There are numerous criminals that will scam you into taking your dog, then using your dog as bait for dog fighting operations. Your dog will be just a meat bag to be torn apart by other dogs. Yes, that is the reality. Sometimes the right decision is to keep both dogs, but keep them apart for the rest of their lives. That is a perfectly acceptable solution, too, if that is what you feel is best. I would NOT euthanize a healthy and normal dog just because it was getting in fights. I think that is morally wrong.