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The canine fashion industry has become a multibillion-dollar business set to top £30 billion in 2015. In the US, expenditure on pet supplies including clothing has been steadily increasing for the last twenty years with 2014 estimated spending at $13.72 billion. In 2014, an estimated 26.7 million US households own a dog and an estimated 83.3 million dogs are kept as pets in the . The dog fashion industry is projected to continually grow.

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It’s not uncommon to see pups parading around in sweaters and coats in the wintertime—some even wear booties in really cold climates—but do dogs need to wear clothes in the winter? Does putting a sweater on a dog actually help keep it warm or is it more of a fashion faux paw?

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free dog clothes patterns to sew for small dogs - Yahoo Image Search Results If you notice that your precious pet has developed a liking for eating clothing, then he is exhibiting classic "pica" behavior. Pica is a compulsive disorder that involves eating things that simply just aren't edible, whether grass, blankets, wrapping paper, stones, electrical cords or wood. To put it mildly, dogs with pica aren't exactly too picky about what they put into their mouths. Apart from the canine species, the condition is also found in both humans and felines. Dogs are definitely not alone in this wacky behavior!

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I have put certain items of clothing on my huskies for a photo shoot and things like that, but other then that, they hate clothes! I have no issues with people dressing their dogs though, as long as the dog is comfortable with it, and is not hot or anything like that.
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Lots of free dog clothes sewing patterns. Diy dog t-shirts, dresses, coats, and more, for large and small dogs. How to make dog clothes. Dog clothes tutorials & projects.Adorable? Silly? It’s debatable, but the fact is that yes, many dogs do need clothing in the cold weather. Learn if you shoudl be shopping for kicky winter gear for your fashion forward fido. Handmade Dog Hoodie (clothes for small size dogs) dog sweater, Dog clothes, Pet clothing - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!Bark is the new black, and some dogs truly have a better wardrobe than most of us, present company included. Dog fashion is all the rage and this is no passing fad. Canines are copying their human counterparts, and what was once considered a fad has emerged as a trend and has now entered mainstream. Dogs wearing clothes is a very hot topic.Much of whether your dog requires clothing in the winter months will depend on how warm your dog can stay based on breed, size, and age. For instance, if your dog is smaller, a light bodied breed, such as a Chihuahua, Greyhound, or terrier, your dog may benefit from wearing a protective or to stay warm when going outside. Additionally, dogs that have short-cropped hair, such as poodles, or older dogs and dogs with diseases such as Cushing’s disease or hypothyroidism, will gain comfort in layering up when hitting the street for a walk.As there is no standard of what a small, large, or extra large is with manufactures of dog clothing, you should measure your dog prior to ordering. To determine the right size for your dog, measure around your dog’s neck, around the largest part of the chest, and the distance from the neck to the waist, and first and foremost, know your dog’s weight.