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There are instances when you should not clean and treat a dog's wound on your own. If your pet has been bitten by another animal, he needs to see a veterinarian. He may need other treatment that you aren't aware of.

i dont know if dogs mouths are cleaner then ours but i want to do a experiment on it, it sounds so cool and i would really liek to know

I have a 10 week old daniff. He was but on the chest/shoulder area. I called the vet but we live in a small town. being a weekend the closest vet was 1 he away. I spoke to her and explained the wounds. She said to clean them and super glue them. I have done this in the past with my dogs. So I did. I also had some canine antibiotics left from another dog so I just gave him a tiny bit just in case. 2x a day I’ve been bathing him in warm water with Eason salt. But to day one of the boo boos opened a bit and puss came out. I massaged it out and sprayed saline in it and benz in it. His front shoulder/chest is swollen too but I’m guessing just from the pressure of the bite. What else should I be doing? I am worried because we just had emergency electric come up so we don’t have money for a vet right now.

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If your dog's wound is bleeding, take a clean towel and gently apply pressure. Healing
Dog saliva has enzymes that kill off bacteria, and when a dog licks himself, it helps to get rid of dead tissue and clean dirt from wounds. Some dogs, however, just can’t stop themselves and may actually reopen wounds or cause other kinds of harm through excessive licking.

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REMOVE THE DRIED FLUID THAT’S FORMED AROUND THE DOG’S INCISION/WOUND AND STITCHES: Dampen a Q-tip with hot water and gently clean the dried fluids that have formed near the incision. The dried blood and dried fluids around the dog’s surgical incision should come right off; if not, reapply the warm washcloth for a few more minutes and then reattempt to clean the area around the incision.

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Dog owners should be familiar with this: You get a small cut while chopping vegetables and suddenly your dog is on you like a shark to blood (or like Kanye to himself). Some people let their dogs lick their wounds because it’s said to promote healing and because “their mouths are cleaner than ours,” but if everything the general populace knew as a fact were true, half of us would be dead from daddy longlegs bites and swimming after eating.Our pets are often just as important parts of our family as the human variety. Our beloved dogs are our companions through thick and thin, but they are also prone to getting cuts, scrapes and other wounds just like humans. When our furry friends do come home with cuts, we need to tend to them just as we would wounds on our own skin. In order to avoid further infections, it is necessary to cleanse the wounds. Use iodine for that.