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Everyone knows this year has been awful. Everyone apart from dogs, that is. They literally have no idea. They don’t even realise how cute they look when they wear these tiny little Christmas outfits. So pure, so innocent, so small with no concept of the demise of society as we know it. So just for one moment, forget about anything bad that has happened and look at these little fluffy faces.

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Is the holiday stress getting to you? Take a break and check out these 13 photos of dogs not always enjoying their Christmas outfits, just because.

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Festive Outfits for dogs | See more about Christmas outfits, Christmas holidays and Pets. Is the holiday stress getting to you? Take a break and check out these 13 photos of dogs not always enjoying their Christmas outfits, just because.

What's cuter than a dog in a Christmas outfit

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As dressing up dogs in outfits has become more and more popular, stores have answered pet owners’ prayers by offering their pooches all sorts of creative and fancy attire. From fun collars, vests and dresses to complete costumes, there’s something for every dog. Celebrating the holiday season isn’t just for people – pets can also show off their Christmas cheer by proudly wearing one of these funny, yet adorable festive costumes!1. Wide of man in Father Christmas costume posing for photo with small dogs in Christmas outfits
2. Mid of Father Christmas and dogs in outfits
3. Close of chihuahua dressed in Santa costume AUDIO: dog yapping
4. Mid of dogs in Christmas costumes barking AUDIO: barking
5. Close of dog wearing Santa hat
6. Wide of woman putting Christmas outfit on dog
7. Mid of small dog in Father Christmas costume
8. Various of pet boutique owner Vanessa Raggio holding her chihuahua dressed in Christmas costume
9. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Vanessa Raggio, pet boutique owner and designer of dog clothing:
"We made this Christmas collection so that all our clients will come with their pets and be able to have a super special night alongside their owners."
10. Mid of Christmas costumes for dogs on clothing stands
11. Mid of stuffed dog toys dressed in Christmas outfits
A Peruvian pet boutique in Lima is selling a new line of festive Christmas outfits and accessories for dogs, including Father Christmas costumes.
Boutique owner and dog clothing designer Vanessa Raggio said on Saturday that the collection was created so that pets will be able to have a "super special" Christmas with their owners.
Raggio opened her store, called "Affra," four years ago in the Lima neighbourhood of San Borja.
To display her new products she had a man dressed as Father Christmas hold several dogs wearing her costumes.
Raggio allowed dog owners to take photographs of their pets on Santa's lap.
The clothes are made mostly from cotton or tulle, she said, and designed to be comfortable for the animal.
They come in sizes for breeds as small as chihuahuas and as big as Saint Bernards.

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