Most dogs can handle eating an orange, or at least a couple of slices

your dog is a carnivore.. he gets NO benefit from eating any fruits or vegetation. I dont think that orange peels would cause any harm, but they are not going to be any benefit for your dog. ADDED Dogs do not need vitamin C in their diets! Only humans, guinea pigs and some primates need it. Other species produce their own C.

Aug 25, 2015 - Reader's Digest suggests mixing used coffee grounds with orange peel as a way of both repelling dogs and fertilizing your plants

For instance: Max and Teddy are both bugging me for a taste of the orange I am peeling. I hand each of them an orange peel as their noses touch my arms for the umpteenth time. Max grabs the peel, gets a weird look on his face and spits it out. Max then goes and lays down on his bed. Max doesn't nose my arm again while I'm sitting eating my orange. Teddy grabs the peel and eagerly chews it up. Teddy then noses my arm again, harder and longer until I give her another orange peel. By the time I'm out of orange peel, Teddy is smacking my arms with her face and her feet. Max was given a positive punishment (I added something--the orange peel--and it decreased the behavior that occurred immediately before I gave it to him). Teddy was given a positive reinforcement (I added something--the orange peel--and it increased the behavior that occurred immediately before I gave it to her). Reward and punishment is determined by the dog's perception, not the trainer.

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Jump to Can Dogs Eat Oranges Peels? - Dogs must not eat orange peels. Orange peels are tougher and could disrupt your dog's tummy. - Oranges and citrus fruits are also good for the dogs, just peel them and remove the seeds. Oranges, clementines, tangerines and similar fruits can be very sweet and dogs can easily find them very tasty. Due to carbohydrate content in such citrus fruits (mostly sugars), it is vital to limit amount of such fruits. So, 2-3 small tangerines or one medium orange is more than enough for larger dogs (for example, Golden Retriever). If you let your dog eat as much as he/she can/want, it can easily elevate blood sugar levels and cause various digestive issues.

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Unfortunately, a very small percentage of cats are allergic to orange peel oil, the natural extract of orange rinds. Although this allergy is quite rare, it can be acute and is best not risked. Dogs do not share this risk and are generally safe to wash with orange peel oil.

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