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Installation is easy, it's exactly the same job a glass company would have to do to replace any broken window. The glass company will come out twice: the first time they disassemble the door, measure the glass unit, and reinstall it. With the measurements in hand you can order the doggy door. It takes about 3 weeks to get the glass made to produce it, then the completed new glass unit is shipped. When it shows up, the glass company comes back out, and this time they swap the new glass with the dog door for the old window, and you can store the old window so that the process can be reversed at a later date if desired.

We at Doggy door factory manufacture custom  for all sliding glass patio doors. We also make a superb .

A: You need to purchase the that comes with the adapter needed for installation of the doggy door. This installation kit will help simplify the process of installing the pet door in glass/material that is not already compatible with the SureFlap pet door.

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Our certified glass technicians will cut your glass door to precision to ensure your doggy door is seamlessly installed. Ready to learn more? Contact Magestic Glass today at to have a cat or dog door installed in your home. You can also reach us with any questions about our doggy door installation process for sliding glass doors through our page.

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The actual pet door used in this application is the same door that would be used for a wood door installation, and it is made to fit a 1 3/4" door thickness. Glass won't be as thick as a door, and there are two ways to deal with this situation. Hale will include a "buildout" which is an aluminum frame that goes between the glass and the dog door. For example, if your glass is 1" thick, and the doggie door is made to fit 1 3/4" thickness, they would send a 3/4" thick aluminum frame with the pet door. The buildout frame can be installed on either side of the glass, but it will push one side of the dog door frame out 3/4" away from the glass. The other way to deal with this is to cut the pet door frame down to fit the thickness of the glass. Hale can cut the doggy door frame down to a minimum of 3/4". They do not charge for this service, but it does make it a final sale, so no returns. The advantage to using the buildout is that you get more space between the flaps, so should have better insulation. The advantage to cutting the pet door down is that it looks nicer.

The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door can be installed in glass