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Our dog hotel features ten suites, no cages or kennels. During your dogs stay they will enjoy their own private room along with a nice cot and blanket to make them feel right at home. If you have two dogs at home who would enjoy sharing a room, our rooms are big enough for that as well. Playtime in our large fenced yard and lots of TLC is included in your furry friends stay, no extra charge. If your dog gets along with other dogs he/she will have play time with other dogs, make some new friends and have a lot of fun playing out back with our other guests. We are happy to follow any specific feeding routines and medications again, at no extra charge. We want your dogs stay to be as stress free and fun and as it can be; our goal is to send home happy dogs. As you know, if you are a dog, playing can be hard, dirty work. We offer 10% off our grooming services during your dogs stay at our hotel. Grooming is done by appointment so, please make sure to book grooming in advance.

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Your dog can stay in one of 2 Deluxe Suites, 8 Executive Suites, 3 Presidential Suites, or 17 Petite Suites.
Guests can stay alone in their own suite or share their vacation with up to 2 friends.
Each suite provides the dogs with raised bowls and large, comfortable beds for those non-chewers.
Each hotel guest is taken outside three times daily. You can also schedule your pet for two socialized play sessions daily (included in your hotel suite price) with our other guests and staff along with naptimes and special treats.
Each guest must pass our socialization test prior to being allowed into play sessions. Those who do not pass will be given shorter, individual play times (at a reduced rate).
Each of our play session guests MUST be neutered or spayed if over 6 months of age. Intact animals are welcome to stay in our hotel but will not be eligible for socialized playtime.
Each guest must be current on vaccinations for rabies, distemper and kennel cough, be on monthly flea control and an intestinal de-wormer

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Our little Dog's won't get left out at Ambers, they will be housed in a special small run .. For the past 5 years the residents of Missoula and surrounding communities have come to trust the quality care and one-on-one attention their dogs always receive at The Doggy Hotel. Why? It's pretty simple, really: we love dogs just as much as you do!

Your dog will always have a chance to socialize with the other guests at The Doggy Hotel. We have indoor and outdoor play areas where your pooch can romp to his or her heart's content – all under the careful supervision of a caring and friendly human, of course! And there's no need to worry about your loyal canine pal being exposed to illness, because all our guests must have documented vaccination papers on file before visiting – including proof of vaccination for kennel cough. In fact, The Doggy Hotel is veterinarian recommended and was voted the best facility of its kind in Missoula!

Naturally, you'll want to visit our clean and cheerful facility before boarding your dog with us for the first time – so contact us to arrange for a convenient time to bring your dog in for an orientation. We'll also be glad to answer any questions you may have about pricing, amenities, and special deals. We look forward to meeting both you and your furry friend!

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At Pooch Hotel, we really know how to make our guests feel at home. With a posh dog grooming boutique and attentive dog daycare, we are Hollywood’s premier dog boarding facility.Come visit our spacious, custom-built suites with glass doors and stylish porcelain tile. No bars or metal cages here! Instead, imagine your pet snuggling up for the night with little extras such as cozy bedding and a flat panel TV. Plus, live webcams capture both snuggly and playful moments just when you miss your pet the most.Our private suites are full of natural light that shines through tempered glass doors, providing your dog with both comfort and privacy. While here, well- socialized pets can experience all-day play with access to other friendly dogs and plenty of water. For dogs that prefer more one-on- one attention, we have individual play options as well.Pooch Hotel also has a full-service dog grooming boutique, obedience training center, and dog daycare in Hollywood, California. Conveniently schedule a pawdicure or a few lessons during your dog’s stay with us! At Pooch Hotel, we take care of every little detail for your pet’s comfort and health—and we do it in style!*Contact Hotel for holiday rates

HALF DAY $25 (up to five hours)