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Nicholle Reisdorff, the owner of of Omaha, NE, didn’t always dream of running a dog daycare facility. In fact, less than a decade ago, she had a busy career as a researcher in the federal court system in Washington, D.C. However, she wanted to return to her rural roots and moved to Nebraska. Upon her arrival, Nicholle noticed a lack of dog boarding options in the area. As a passionate animal lover and owner of a hound mix named Pete, she was inspired to fulfill the need for a reliable, safe place where owners could board their dogs and also receive professional grooming.

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Specialized Pet Services also offers doggie daycare and home dog boarding in my home in Omaha NE. Your pets live in my home as if they were my own pets, reducing, for you and your pet, the stress of a kennel.

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Professional Dog boarding, doggie daycare Omaha Ne Derrick and Kaitlyn are the proud parents of two dogs: Zander, a German Shepherd whom they adopted from a local Omaha rescue, and Mekah, a Siberian Husky who was their first dog together. Both of their dogs have served as inspiration for them to provide peace of mind to other dogs parents every day in a fun and happy environment, all while keeping safety at the forefront. They recognize how difficult it can be to find quality and consistency in a dog daycare and it is their intention to treat every dog at Dogtopia as their own and as family. They also recognize that none of this could be possible without the continued support and professionalism of their staff.

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Derrick and Kaitlyn Reinhart couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Dogtopia team! Derrick and Kaitlyn both grew up in Nebraska and met in college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After working in the banking software industry for five years, Derrick’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow. He finally decided to take the plunge and began researching dog daycare and boarding facilities in the Omaha area. He found that Dogtopia in Omaha was for sale and after touring the facility, knew it was the perfect fit! Derrick and Kaitlyn met with the Dogtopia franchise team in Phoenix and immediately were both sold on the concept of owning and operating a Dogtopia. Kaitlyn majored in Psychology at UNL and has always had a love and passion for dogs and all animals. With her background in Psychology, she is especially interested in dog behavior and emotion and is eager to learn as much as she can in this area. Derrick and Kaitlyn purchased Dogtopia Omaha in May 2016.

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