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There’s other good news – you receive a spectacular set of accessories with the U Clip. The 16 piece dog grooming kit includes grooming scissors, 7 guards (starting with a 1/8″ one), a styling apron, pet comb and others. Quite the surprise and something that’ll make you feel like a professional dog stylist!

Choosing the correct scissors will also allow you to deal with your dog’s individual needs and ensure grooming is safe and comfortable.

Dog groomers will also use scissors and shears to trim hair and remove excess hair due to shedding. These items are specialty tools and may cost a lot to buy individually. Pet owners and groomers can pick up grooming kits with several different types of scissors and shears in them. The average pair of grooming scissors for dogs ranges between 6.5 and 9 inches long. These scissors are often made of stainless steel with a thin rubber grip on the handle for the groomer's hands. Lighter, smaller scissors are better for use on dogs with finer coats. Heavier, larger shears are better for dogs with thick, longer hair coats. It's a good idea to have at least one good pair of scissors for trimming and fine detail work.

Dog & Scissors - Jessica Calvello as Kirihime Natsuno - YouTube

A New Mexico man was arrested for stabbing a dog with scissors while fighting with his girlfriend, police said. As a story with a magical twist—i.e. reincarnation, mystical scissors, transforming chainsaws—it is important that we, the audience, are taught the rules of this world. While we don’t necessarily need to know how everything works, we do need to know the rules of the world and limits of certain abilities. Unfortunately, Dog & Scissors has the bad habit of ignoring the previously established rules of its own world—especially when it comes to Kazuhito’s telepathic link.


While the series does play into more conventional and the occasional bawdy humor, Dog & Scissors again uses the literature roots to poke fun of various types of book genres and anime itself through a few clever avenues. This can be seen mostly through the action sequences that mock or make allusions typical action driven series and in some episodes, Kauzhito might throw out a one-liner that dictates what passes for good literature. It could stand to benefit from its own supercilious advice, yet just goes to say how comfortable it is as a comedy. There are at times were its jokes are not exactly funny and tends to overuse a few such as: Natsuno’s complex over her small breast (Kauzhito usually ends up getting punished for his remarks), or Hami Oosawa’s constant apologizing – but for its 12 episode run, it is bearable and doable if you willing to stick with the series to the bitter end. Other than that, there is much else Dog & Scissors provides that alternate comedies do not – besides a woman using a pair of scissors to a hilarious end to torture a dog once human – which is more insensitive than it sounds hilarious. Go figure….

He was then reborn into his current form, a small dachshund dog