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For desperate cases, you can try feeding from a smaller bowl (or a larger one if your dog dislikes feeling his whiskers touch the bowl) or a flat dish or you can try adding something tasty to the contents of the bowl that cannot be eaten away, such as a bit of low sodium chicken broth or some diluted meat-based baby food with no onion or garlic added.

It is as described. A real-sized dog bowl with a small gurgling water fountain in it.

Balloons Over Bavarian Inn starts tomorrow and will run simultaneously to the Dog Bowl Saturday and Sunday, they finish their competition with a morning flight at 6am Monday morning. Although you won’t be able to go up in the hot air balloons, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the balloons and their captains Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at the Balloon Glow from 9-10pm. For the full event schedule, click .

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Add a touch of sophistication with the Harmony Best Friend Ceramic Dog Bowl For dogs who seem to have fun with their “doggy buffets,” you may instead want to try one of those food bowls that offer an interactive food puzzle. Win win!

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If there are other dogs nearby or you feed in a high-traffic area, try feeding your dog in a more quiet place. Feeding in a crate or small room can prevent, or at least minimize, the chances for making a mess. For dogs who dislike reflections, an option is to cover the bowl with a clean towel and lay food on it, and for dog who dislike the fact that the food bowl moves, investing in a non-skid bowl may be an option.

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And about that bacteria… it’s nazty, and your dog bowl is teeming with it. Perhaps the most common, and certainly most recognizable is Serratia Marcescens, also known as that “pink stuff.”Saw this American made film short at the Nashville Film Festival, was very pleasantly surprised with the story line since I have written a screenplay for a full length feature that is not too distant in similarity to the theme. The casting, directing and pace were all quality efforts.

Due to its length there wasn't enough dialog or time to mount significant character development, that is a given; but, of what was presented it sufficed for the short and it sufficed to give the audience a vicarious jolt worthy of a Hitchcock plot.

The next is a bit of spoiler: if you agree that there are "Lives beyond the familiar" then your appetite will be well satisfied with DOG BOWL.