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Some of the more challenging situations when it comes to keeping your dog hydrated with the cleanest water possible come when you’re on the road or in the great outdoors. For either situation, we would recommend hydrating your pal with the Katadyn water purifier bottle to the left. This bottle is currently the only EPA registered sports bottle with complete multi-stage anti-microbial protection that is designed to reduce more than 99% of bacteria and viruses.

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Dog Rocks are a coherent Rock with a mechanically stable framework meaning no significant mineral particles are released into the pet’s drinking water, in other words, Dog Rocks do not break down or leech anything into the pet’s drinking water. Dog Rocks form a stable matrix and a micro porous medium in which active components are able to act as a water-purifying agent through ion exchange. For this reason, when placed in water, Dog Rocks will help purify the water by removing some harmful trace elements giving your dog a cleaner source of water.

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To further support the kidneys, always give your dog purified water – so make sure to get a good water filter. For dog owners who are more data driven, there is a scientific way to test how effective a reverse osmosis system really is. It is a measure called TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and tells you how much containment there is in the water. Usually, the TDS of tap water is around 200-400 pps, depending on which city you are living in. After purification by my Home Master Ro system, my filtered water’s is now only 10 ppm. That shows how much TDS has been removed!

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The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is as suitable for small dogs as it is for cats. It is made of plastic and features a polymer-carbon filter for water purification. To suit the needs of all pets, the fountain comes with a three-level design as well as a flowing water stream. The pump is very quiet and shouldn't frighten animals who are disturbed by loud noises.

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For large breed dogs and older dogs with joint and muscle problems, the re-circulating water comes from a spout that can be rotating 360°, for your dog's convenience. This size holds 355 ounces! The purifying filter is similar to that shown above for the Catit Drinking Fountain. When I am hiking by myself, I have a personal water purifier in my pack. When my dogs are with me, I opt for a water purifier that can provide for all of us. Water is something that I address before we ever get on the trail. However, my dogs tend to drain every drop of water that I bring well before our mission is complete. I can either bring a 5 gallon container with me or a good water purifier; I choose the latter. 😉