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new NEW Vet Recommended - Dog Breath Freshener Water Additive for Pet Dental Care - All Natural - Works to Eliminate Germs That Cause Bad Dog Breath. Add to Pet's Drinking Water - Made in USA (16oz/473ml)

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Freshen Dogs' Breath
We love snuggling with our best friends, but it can be difficult when your dog has bad breath. All of our Kisssable Products work to not only clean your dog's mouth, but they also provide a long lasting freshness for your dog's breath.

Our water additive allows you to freshen your dog's breath by simply having him drink from his water bowl. Our Instant Fresh Breath Foam is also an easy way to freshen breath; all you have do is place some foam on your dog's teeth. Both of these products offer the freshest breath without the use of a toothbrush.
happytails cares about your dog's oral care. All of our Kisssable products are all natural and will provide your pet with the best oral hygiene available.

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Vet Recommended Dog Breath Freshener and Dental Water Additive Teeth Spray, 8oz / 240ml (KFVS)- This has probably happened to you at some point when owning pets: they get really, really bad breath. You've tried dental chews, treats, changing their food, even brushing their teeth, and nothing ever gets rid of it completely until now. Just like we have mouthwash, so do dogs and cats. This one called, Biotene Drinking Water Additive, packs some powerful enzymes, so Does it Work?

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Hey Shasta 220. I have to admit that I’ve used quite a few different water additives for my dogs teeth and none of them ever did anything. The only thing I have ever found that helps their teeth is a raw diet and brushing their teeth twice a day. I brush their teeth after their breakfast right after I brush my own after my breakfast and before their bedtime right before I brush mine before my bedtime. I have found that kibble was the worst for their teeth regardless of the fact that the old myth continues that kibble helps with cleaning teeth. Ridiculous.

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Redbird carries a variety of dental health products including Fresh Breath water additive. This all natural product was developed to provide dogs and cats with essential, daily, oral hygiene.If you'd like to freshen your dog's breath, giving him a water additive every day may help. Water additives are generally available in powder form. Be sure to take your pet to the veterinarian first. Strongly unpleasant breath, also known as halitosis, is often a sign of dental disease in canines. promotes healthy gumas and eliminates bad breath for up to 12 hours. The water additive comes in different formulas including Endurance, Skin & Coat, Hip & Joint, or original. Add a teaspoon to your dog’s water bowl to promote cleaner, healthier teeth while eliminating bad breath. Infused with natural green tea leaf extract, it’s virtually taste and odor-free.Water additives are liquids that you add to a dog’s water to help prevent plaque buildup and to freshen breath. They usually have no taste or smell, so they’re easy to administer. They’re also all natural, preservative-free and contain no chlorhexidine, chlorines, xylitol or alcohol, but might contain natural ingredients like vitamin B, colorless beet juice, zinc and vegetable glycerin.