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- K-9 Unit dogs will be charged half price of the self-service price
- Service dogs that have owners with physical limitations; we will wash their dogs for the price of the self-service price
- Service dogs in training and Foster dogs will receive a $2.00 discount
- We will provide a "First Wash Free Card" to the area no-kill shelters and local rescue groups for all dogs and puppies that are adopted.

Self-Serve Dog Wash Prices

Luckily, even on a tight budget, you can treat your favorite pooch to the luxurious treatment offered by self serve dog grooming and dog wash systems. With a wide variety of scented shampoos, snacks and even hair dryers, your dog will think he’s at a spa retreat … and all at a price you can afford.

Evolution Dog Wash: Top Rated Self Serve Dog Wash

Dog Wash Prices Pet washing systems give dog and cat owners a third alternative, one that is safe, easy, convenient and you guessed it, cheap. The fact is, with the economy in less than stellar shape, folks simply can’t afford the expense of paying someone to do what they can do themselves. And that is exactly why self serve pet wash systems are experiencing such a boom in popularity. Simply put, offer convenience at a price we can all afford.

Our top rated self serve dog ..

Lowest dog wash prices in Ozaukee County! Appointments for both "We" and "You" washes greatly appreciated. No appointments necessary for nail trims.

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Depending on your dog washing machine or method of choice, you’ll need to hone in on the right price for your services. Calculate your budget to see what cost per wash will help you meet your operating expenses and make a profit. Based on your review of the competition and other pet prices in your area, you will also set pricing for various services.At Flying Fur, you have several options to maintain your dog’s appearance and health: you can wash your dog, we can wash your dog, or we can professionally groom your dog. Our promise to you is that our prices will always be reasonable and that we will treat your pet with as much love & kindness as you do. Hygiene is just as important to animals as it is to humans. As dog owners and lovers, we understand the importance of properly caring for your pets at an affordable price in a safe, fun, and inviting environment. We also understand the mess and hassle of washing your dog at home. We wanted our pricing to be as simple as possible. On standard price of all. It's the same for small dogs, big dogs, heavy dogs, short hair dogs, and long hair dogs. You get 30 minutes to use all of our supplies. If you are doing more than a straight wash, you can purchase more time. Each standard wash includes the following: