Is this a good alternative for My Talking Dog Virtual Pet?

MY PET CAN TALK – My virtual dog pet is a talking pet – talking animals that repeat you are the cutest free virtual pets! Sing with your dancing dog and have a karaoke sing along!

My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet 2.9 apk requires following permissions on your android device.

The tamagocchi is actually a hybrid computer virtual pet / physical virtual pet. It is a physical unit that contains a computer display of a pet. As the tamagocchi is replaced by more complex physical virtual pets that are physical units themselves (not displays), their environments will be extended from land to the air and sea and possibly even underground. Remote control airplanes will be given artificial intelligence to fly themselves and then operator interaction with these "virtual birds" will give them personalities and actions. The same for model boats and submarines which will become "virtual fish." The basic motions and actions will be automatic. Then they will be overlaid with growth and a learning personality. Physical virtual dogs and cats could replace several of the elements of pet ownership still lacking in computer pets.

Is this a good alternative for My Talking Dog Virtual Pet?

The install size of My Talking Dog Virtual Pet depends on the device. Anyone played My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet with the kids? It's got over 10 million downloads on Google Play. My Talking Dog 2 – Virtual Pet is the advanced version of this popular talking pet game, so take a look. It sure is better and will not disappoint.

Is this a good alternative for My Talking Dog Virtual Pet?

Hey animal games lovers, here comes the cutest puppy ever: My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet. Download this talking dog app and play mini games or dog dress up with the funny dog. Check out all the other options and soon this little guy will be your favorite talking pet!

My Talking Dog Virtual Pet free download

Help your talking friend create a perfect world of his own - customize his fashion style, hair, the interior design of his home and play incredibly cute mini games with him meanwhile. Besides just playing with your virtual pet Charlie II, you have to feed him, bathe him, brush his teeth, take him to the rest room, take care of him when having a cold and help him fall asleep. This talking dog deserves royal treatment and you are the one who can do it better than anyone else! You'll also be the one he will grow up with as his best friend!My Talking Dog 2 has a feature you haven't seen in virtual pet games so far - Dog Coloring Pages! A mini dog coloring book with adorable puppy pictures is available for all of you to engage in dog coloring games! Fill in all the dog coloring pages and share them with friends and family! You will most certainly have tons of fun!New Talking Dog is on Google Play: My Talking Dog – Virtual Pet. Adorable talking puppy with fun and educational mini games. He is a real virtual pet. He needs to be fed and showered, loves to play and he plays the piano. Kids are going to love it.Virtual pet games with talking animals such as talking cat are so cute and popular, but remember who the man's best friend is. Charlie II is the kind of a talking puppy that will melt people's hearts with his cuteness. You just cannot resist adopting him and raising him as your own. Remember, this adorable virtual pet is not just another dog game for kids. It grows on you as it grows with you. Get My Talking Dog 2 - Virtual Pet today.