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This is a clicker, a noise maker that is usually associated with giving a dog a food treat. It is not a magical device, though some would tell you that it is. I’ve used clickers in training, and understand them very well. And I find them of limited usefulness… and so do more and more trainers every day. There are better ways to train a dog

A dog that has previously been trained by a non-clicker method and is now being clicker trained.

Clicker Training is one dog training method based upon a theory called Operant Conditioning. Those who believe that all behavior is explained by Operant Conditioning also believe:

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Grab hold of your pet’s attention with a dog training clicker or whistle from Petco. Pet parents know that obedience training can have its ups and downs, especially when their new pups are still getting used to home life together. If you’re looking for some extra assistance to help them get a leg up on home schooling, the selection of dog whistles and clickers you’ll find at Petco can help improve your obedience training sessions. You will also find dog training clicker products that feature compact, comfortable designs. These dog training clickers emit loud and lasting clicks that let your hound know when it’s time to heel.

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This Learning Session will show how thoughtful decisions regarding when to “not click” result in powerful communication to the dog. Michele will also discuss the prerequisites that the dog must know before the trainer can expand the intentional use of withheld clicks.

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It is training using almost entirely positive reinforcement - teaching your dog to learn... using no physical compulsion or corrections whatsoever. Sounds a bit unbelievable, but works incredibly well. Instead of yanking dogs around, shoving them into place, giving some praise, and hoping the dog will make the connection, dogs are taught using the scientific methods of classical & operant conditioning. Anyone questioning how reliable a dog taught this way can be should take a trip to Sea World. There, the Orcas, dolphins, etc., are taught using these same methods. After all... you can't slip a choke chain around a whale's neck & give a jerk! And yet, these lovely creatures perform flawlessly for audience after audience. And have a blast doing it. The whole enjoyment feature is what really turned me on to positive training. I love my dogs, and although I want them to be responsive to me I dislike hurting them! With clicker training I don't have to. This training works for every dog, from bold to timid, from tiny to giant. This is the type of training used for most (all?) animals trained for movie & TV work, too. Clicker training can be used to teach your dog (or just about any animal) regular pet obedience type behaviors (such as loose-leash walking) as well as more advanced competition, trick or service behaviors. You will love it... and so will your dog!