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Material consists of a rubber lining and multiple layers of tightly woven fabric The ends of the toys are doubled stitched with no exposed seams Superior strength for a soft dog toy Made from real fire hose material Floats Includes squeaker For interactive play only

Dogs dig Squeaker Matz! With multiple rows of squeakers, and awesome shake and flap factor, these toys are sure to...

Made by Kong, a widely known dog toy maker, this on/off switch dog squeaker is just one of many dog toy designs which have the same type of switch, including one that's , one that's , one that's , as well as .

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Dogs dig Squeaker Matz! With multiple rows of squeakers, and awesome shake and flap factor, these toys are sure to keep pups playing. Thankfully Anthony has not suffered any lasting damage and won’t become notorious for being the weird squeaky kid in class. He’ll also probably think twice before pretending to be a dog toy again.

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KONG OFF/ON Squeaker is a dog toy with a twist–an “off switch” for quiet play. Made from our popular AirDog material, the OFF/ON Squeaker Bone allows pet parents to switch the squeaker on and off for loud fun or quiet play.

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Any pet lover knows that dogs love the feel and of “squeaky” toys, but enduring the high-pitched repetition in the wee hours of the night can drive any pet-parent crazy! Ultrasonic HEAR DOGGY!® toys are made with a squeaker ONLY your dog can hear! There are three things in life that you can always be certain of, death, taxes, and regretting buying that damn squeaky toy for your dog at the store. Well this dog toy features an on/off switch on it that allows you to turn the squeaker off whenever you get annoyed with it (which will most likely be 5 minutes after you get home with it).

| | | | Talk about something going down the wrong pipe! A boy named Anthony has learned the hard way not to play with a squeaker after it becomes dislodged from a dog’s toy. He unintentionally inhaled it and had to take a trip to the emergency room, and his mom made sure to get a video of his new and unusual breathing style before it was removed.This morning, my house turned into an operating room. I played “Dog Toy Surgeon”. My patients had all been chewed up, in some way shape or form. I worked on closing up many wounds, giving organ transplants, and making sure the toys could live again! You can be a surgeon too! Replace the squeakers in your dogs chewed up toys and save bundles of money and time. Keep your dog as content as can be within minutes. Your pooch will thank you!