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KONG Tennis Shoes reward dogs with multiple tennis ball options and extended play sessions. The four dangling tennis ball legs create unpredictable movement that encourage dogs to instinctually thrash, twist or shake the toy while squeakers entice play for added fun.

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Once you have the dog booties in place go out immediately and engage in your dog's favorite activity, getting the dog’s focus off the shoes and onto something else. Let him chase a ball, catch a flying disk and just run. Or, simply throw a treat and praise him when he runs after it. After about 10 or 15 minutes check closures and make sure the boots are still secure on the dog’s paws. This is considered the "break in" period where the upper softens and conforms to the dog's paws. Use common sense and allow some time for your dog to become accustomed to the dog booties on daily walks. Just as you would never go out on a big hike with new hiking boots, start off on easy hikes and work into the big ones with your dog's new footwear.

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Puddles is a little sweetheart in his hat and matching dog tennis shoes! A BORED DOG IS A MISCHEVIOUS DOG...

What does your dog do all day? Chew your sofa? Chew your tennis shoes? Romp through your laundry? Lay around bored and lonely waiting for you to return home?

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The famous Hush Puppies Dog Logo is a highly recognized symbol for comfortable quality footwear around the world. The Hush Puppies trademark evolved from a trip into Tennessee by Jim Muir, the Company's Sales Manager. Upon finishing his fried fish dinner at the home of a customer, he asked why the little fried corn dough balls were called "Hush Puppies." The customer replied that, "the fried dough was used by farmers to quiet their barking dogs." Muir reasoned that "Hush Puppies" would be an excellent name for Wolverine's new comfortable casual pigskin shoes because when feet hurt they are much like barking dogs. A brand name was born.[]

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A dog wearing is sure to elicit a lot of attention at the dog park. These adorable shoes look like sheepskin boots and consist of faux suede leather uppers and faux sheepskin linings. They are the perfect accessory for the pampered urban pooch taking wintry walks.If you yell at your dog when he chews on shoes, you may be teaching him that chewing is a great way to get attention. Dogs are quick learners, and if your dog learns that chewing a shoe gets a stronger reaction than, say, chewing a toilet paper roll, he's much more likely to take off running with your shoe. To prevent this kind of attention-seeking behavior, lavish your dog with attention when he's being calm or chewing on an appropriate toy. When he grabs a shoe, simply take the shoe without speaking or making eye contact and walk away.