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Replacement Adapter 120V - GoDogGo Fetch Machine
Item#: G3-ADT
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GoDogGo Fetch Machine replacement AC Adapter - 120V AC Adapter is available for purchase. Please note the replacement adapter is for use in North America only.

Original equipment adapter with 10 foot cord for convenient use in the desired fetching location. Adapter is not intended for use in wet fetch areas or inclement weather. GoDogGo G3 automatic ball machine can also be operated on battery power.


Ace tended to stand right in front of the iFetch as she was waiting for it to throw the ball. Understandably, this made me nervous, and I found myself hustling to aim the iFetch away from her before it tossed the ball. She did get hit with the ball a few times, and it didn’t seem to hurt or even startle her. On the iFetch , designers noted that they considered adding a sensor to prevent dogs from being struck but decided against it to keep costs low. They found their dogs, like Ace, weren’t disturbed by being struck, and some relished the challenge: “We’ve actually seen dogs catch the ball right out of the machine without incident.”

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Dog Automatic Ball Launcher I Tennis Ball Thrower for Dogs - GoDogGo Fetch Machine Playing fetch with your dog is fun to a point, but if your dog is a tireless ball retriever, check out the cool new . This innovative device is an automatic tennis ball launcher and throwing machine for dogs that could easily replace you as their new best friend. Just load it up with tennis balls, adjust the distance from 15' to 30' and set the launch interval from 7 to 15 seconds. It launches balls automatically, can be operated via remote control or, best of all, if you train your dog to drop the ball back into the machine, they can play on their own continuously for hours while you relax. It's a great idea, but hopefully the dog doesn't learn to insert other items like your slippers, cell phone and the family cat!

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This dog ball thrower comes with a total of three mini balls, which are 1.5 inches instead of full size tennis balls, so it is perfect for smaller dog breeds. Since this machine is interactive on demand, your dog can play fetch anytime he would like, and it can also strengthen the bond between dog and owner as well. It is easily carried from one place to the next, so it is perfect for use at home, at work or on vacation and can even be used indoors.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy