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Now you can easily add pet tag engraving to your list of services. With the iMARC, you’ll be promoting the benefits of pet ID to owners and have a great add-on sale to your collars, leads and pet dog or cat sales.

The iMARC Engraving System is the ultimate pet tag engraving machine. With a variety of tag and engraving options plus it's advanced machine features, the iMARC is a breed above all other pet tag engravers!

Compact and easy to use the iMARC Engraver fits on most counter and desktops, allowing you to maximize space while offering quality custom engraved pet ID tags. You’ll have a variety of styles and shapes to choose and engrave on, and unlike many other systems the iMARC allows you to engrave both sides of a tag for added value.

Although small in size the iMARC system is big on features! With enhanced on-screen graphics, multiple type/ font styles, upper and lower text, a built-in tag counter, an optional custom logo capability and fast engraving process for better efficiency. You'll agree, the iMARC is the Ultimate Pet Tag Engraving System!

For best results, use with iMARC tags only; not designed for use with other tags. Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The automated laser-engraving dog tag machine at the local PetSmart store.

A cnc machine means it is controlled by a computer, which means you should be able to see the design before it gets engraved, and it also means you will get an accurate engraving when it gets put onto your dog tag.

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Graphotype Model 6385 RARE Vintage Pre WWII Military Dog Tag Engraving Machine | eBay “Visible identification is the best and easiest way for a lost pet to be reunited with their owners,” says Tom Glessner, senior director at , whose company offers automated, self-service countertop engraving machines and a wide variety of pet ID tags. “At this time, less than 50 percent of all dogs and cats have any visible identification, so there is still a vast potential market for such an essential product. It’s pretty easy, just choose the right engraving programming for their store and educate pet parents on the need to have visible identification on their dog or cat.”

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Today we got an ID for our Tabby Cat "Wentworth".
Wennie just got neutered last week and he is itching to get outside to explore, so before we let him out,he needs his Identification(ID)!
We went to PetCo and used the engraving machine F.I.D.O.
First you choose your cat or dog tag, and then you pay for it. On the receipt is a code you enter into the engraving machine, and then you just follow the onscreen instructions. It took about 5 minutes total.

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