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4) Some smaller dogs are not the best swimmer or might be scared to swim. This dog floatation device is comfortable on dogs of any size and lets them move as they naturally would. Who knows, maybe it can even help some dogs get over their fear of swimming. In any case, this dog life vest is a great training tool when teaching young dogs to swim.

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This Guardian Gear Dog Swimming Safety Aquatic Orange Reflective Vest will enable the utmost safety when your pet is in the water. Made from a soft durable fabric surrounding a buoyant material, it will ensure that your dog is safe. Its bright orange color will make it easy to locate your friend in the water. This safety vest fastens with secure locking plastic clips. A handle is also attached to the back of the vest to aid in lifting your pet out of the water. They are available in sizes Small, Medium or Large with other sizes available upon request.

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$6~$18---Pet Dog Save Life Jacket Safety Clothes Life Vest Outward Saver Pet Dog Swimming Preserver Large Dog Clothes Summer Swimwear Dogs are like people in that their physical condition and natural temperament varies from dog to dog. Even a dog that loves the water, like a Labrador retriever, will have trouble swimming if it is overweight or if it’s an older dog. A puppy can become so distracted by people nearby, boats, and all the noises on the water that it can go under the water in a second, and that second can be all it takes to end in tragedy. Even good swimmers wear life jackets when they go out boating, and your dog should always wear a life vest for dogs too. Or at least there should be a life jacket for the dog on the boat. Some life jackets can be heavy and bulky and make dogs too warm on a summer afternoon. But anytime a dog is near the water there should be a quality life jacket available for the dog.

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Every dog owner should have a life jacket for their dog. If you’re not planning on taking your dog out on the water a life jacket will still be useful in a pool if you take your dog swimming. And you should have one in your doggie first aid kit in case of flooding. There are several options when it comes to high quality safety conscious life vests for dogs including some great choices for those on a budget. No matter which life vest for dogs you choose take the time to get your dog used to wearing it so that if you have to put it on your dog quickly in an emergency situation your dog will not panic or feel uncomfortable. If you are taking your dog camping, boating, or out on the water in any capacity make sure that your dog is always wearing a doggie life jacket. Even the best doggie swimmers can get tired, disoriented, or overly excited and that could cause them to be in serious trouble in the water. Don’t take that chance. Get a high quality dog life jacket and keep it on your dog whenever your dog is near the water.

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