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Accidents can happen while trimming your dog’s nails, so its important to be prepared. There is no need to panic and upset your dog further, keep yourself and your dog calm. Use Styptic Powder to stop the bleeding.

Nutri-Vet Styptic Powder for dogs helps stop bleeding from nail trimming and minor cuts

Styptic powder is a clotting agent that can help slow down the bleeding. If a dog’s nail is bleeding as a result of cutting the quick, don’t panic. Simply open the jar of styptic powder, dip your dog’s entire paw into the jar of powder, and then hold your dog’s paw so that he can’t step on the floor or lick the paw. The styptic powder should start to take effect in approximately 15 seconds.

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your dog or cat's nails, you should always have styptic powder available. Styptic powder: This is helpful if you ventured to cut your dog's nails at home and you accidentally cut one of them too short. Styptic powder helps to stop bleeding quickly. However, it should not be used for wound care. If a wound will not stop bleeding, you should wrap it and bring your dog to the veterinarian.

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Stop Nail Bleeding Safari Styptic Powder is useful when you trim your dogs nails too short. Great Product to stop the bleeding. Shop Ray Allen Manufacturing for your Dog Supplies.

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Kwik Stop Styptic Powder for Pets stops the bleeding associated with superficial cuts or nail clipping. With the addition of benzocaine, Kwik Stop Styptic Powder for Pets helps numb the affected area to make pets more comfortable. It comes in a 1/2 oz. container and can be used on both dogs and cats. Styptic powder is a staple tool of veterinarians and groomers. It should absolutely be in your for any type of bleeding. It is called Kwik Stop at some places. The kwik is the part that bleeds when you cut a nail too short. You can use it on nail cuts that are too short, when a dog injures their nails or for small wounds, although you should see a vet for anything that is not a simple nail cutting accident. The powder serves three basic functions:1. Don’t Panic, it happens to the best of us.
2. Keep your dog calm.
3. Apply some styptic powder onto the nail.
4. You can use cornstarch or flour as well.Dogs and cats have blood vessels running down the centers of their claws. When the nails are trimmed during grooming or routine care, they can easily be cut too close to the blood vessels. Amazingly, when nicked, these blood vessels can produce an alarming amount of blood. Applying styptic powder to this type of seemingly minor injury can not only stop the bleeding, but can make future trimming easier.