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Maybe it is because he has such a deep chest, but big dogs really need to have the ENTIRE thing padded; if parts of it are mesh or webbed strap, people should get the little fleece straps they offer to cover that up. We had to stop biking almost as soon as we started because the harness he had (not purchased from Dog Outdoors) cut into his armpits and left nasty scabs. The straps just sliced into his skin.


The head halter must be fitted properly to be effective and comfortable for your dog. The neck strap should be as high up on your dog's neck as you can get it, just behind his ears. The strap should be just tight enough for you to fit one finger between it and your dog's neck.

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Chest strap lies higher across the dogs chest so it doesn't restrict your dog's shoulder movement. The “medium” size product fit better, but the overwhelming feeling we got from this harness was that it really is meant for giant dogs. The straps – and, necessarily, buckles – are very wide. In particular, the strap that goes between the dog’s front legs, would pose a rubbing and chafing hazard. Woody was more or less immobilized by discomfort in this harness; a much larger dog with a thicker coat might wear it without any problem.
The harness has two leash attachment points (front and back), and attachment points on the side of the harness for use when the dog is meant to pull. Wait, what?

Featuring 2 mounting locations, back and chest

And see? It's not going to break. All right. So that was a look at the ROK Strap Dog Bungee leashes that we're carrying. These leashes are 54 inches in length, and they're going to stretch up to 30% of that length.

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The unique patent pending harness design is similar in concept to the three-point seat belt required in all vehicles. The wide webbed harness structure and padded vest evenly distribute forces across a dog’s chest to lessen the chance of injury during an impact, while side straps reduce lateral movement by anchoring the lower end of the dog in place.Walking Leash/Shoulder Strap: The Help ‘Em Up Harness Walking Leash/Shoulder Straps come in two sizes: medium/large and extra-large to accompany dogs using the medium, large and extra-large Help ‘Em Up Harness. The Walking Leash is adjustable and is used for walking, but also doubles as a shoulder strap for extra leverage when lifting and/or walking with bigger dogs. The Walking Leash/Shoulder strap is recommended for dogs using the Medium, Large, or X- Large Help ‘Em Up Harness; choose the leash size based on the size of your harness: M/L for medium and large harnesses, and XL leash for the XL harness or if you like having the extra strap for a large harness. For small dogs, we recommend using the walking handle.