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Developed by a veterinarian, Soft Paws® nail caps are made in the USA using non-toxic vinyl. The nail caps are applied to your dog's nails using a non-toxic, cold-bonding, veterinary-grade adhesive, and are a completely safe and humane solution to dog scratching problems.

Medium: Dogs approximately 10-15 pounds usually wear medium Soft Paws®.

We ordered the extra large size for our dog (weighs apx. 45 lbs) and they fit perfectly. The Soft Paws were easy to apply and our dog has tolerated them very well. There has only been one which has come off so far, which surprised us b/c we have an active dog who loves to run.

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X-Large: Dogs approximately 20-40 pounds usually wear x-large Soft Paws®. Soft Paws was invented by veterinarian Dr. Toby Wexler, a brilliant veterinarian who wanted to create a humane and effective solution to cat and dog scratching problems. Soft Paws nail caps have been on the market since 1990 and is a name you can trust.

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Blue Dog Bakery has finally created a small, round, bite-sized soft treat using our most loved recipe. Our peanut butter flavored Soft Paws are fresh-baked right here in the USA using the best all natural and healthy ingredients we could find. Blue Dog Bakery Soft Paws are soft, moist, and easy to chew, making them the perfect snack for older dogs and puppies!

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Soft Paws are nail caps to protect floors and doors from dogs scratching at them. The nail caps are held in place with an adhesive that lasts 6 to 8 weeks.I was curious to see how my dogs would react to Soft Paws. They don’t usually tolerate anything on their paws so I thought they might try to chew them. We followed the instructions carefully, glued them in place, and hoped for the best!Soft Paws are nail caps that you glue on your dog’s or cat’s nails to prevent them from stratching floors, people, or even themselves. Each kit comes with 40 nail caps and 2 tubes of adhesives. That’s enough for 2 applications if you apply them to all 4 paws or 4 applications if you put them on front paws only. The nail caps stay in place for 4-6 weeks (they should be removed after a maximum of 8 weeks if they haven’t fallen off).However, after about 1 week, one of my dogs who is more prone to skin irritation had a reaction around his cuticle (the skin at the very top of the nail). I wasn’t sure what caused it because both the nail cap and the adhesive are non-toxic and shouldn’t cause an allergic reaction and the reaction was only on one paw, around 2 nails (if it were an allergy, you would expect to see the same reaction on all 4 paws). I could see that it was bothering my dog because he would try to lick or chew on his nail cap so I contacted Soft Paws.